And suddenly it is Friday again


Just some randoms to end a full week…

<3 If you think that ugly is new to political campaigns here in the U.S. you haven’t walked the halls of the Lincoln Museum in Springfield and taken a gander at the cartoons and such from that election.

And no matter what generation it is in…ugly is ugly… and slinging of mud ends up splattering innocent by-standers.

In the words of the character  Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues….

“Hey! Let’s be careful out there”

oh do yourself a favor and google it…you won’t be disappointed <3


<3 I got several super sweet responses on my gaff from yesterday’s post and I did want to let you know that I actually did find the table runners….probably over a month later.

In a brown shopping bag.

Right close to the ironing board. Right where I had put them the day I brought them home so that I wouldn’t forget to iron them.

Oh I had LOOKED around the ironing board, but I was looking for blue and white striped fabric in the piles of waiting to be ironed clothing. And believe me when I say…that pile contains garments that have weathered a full calendar year. Plus.

And yes, they are still there.

The table runners, a large assortment of dress shirts and shorts from summer 2016 AND 2015… <3


<3 Speaking of google…I just did a search for  the amount of money raised for Campaign 2016…

I found a report from the Washington Post of total funds raised for the two major parties as of August 31st.

It’s millions of dollars.


It would have made me ill to type the numbers.

I simply don’t understand why all of this money could not have been better spent. That’s all. <3


<3 I warned you it was going to be random.


<3 We have plans to meet up with some of our nears and dears (as in to our hearts) on Saturday at a U pick apple orchard.

I may be very excited…


and last of all…

<3 Our church is doing a series on PEACE and how peace is not the absence of strife but the Presence of Christ…


And Jesus said….

I am leaving you with a gift….

a gift…is something given freely out of some desire to bless the recipient…

and thus….must be received…owned…possessed…accepted…opened…taken hold of….

PEACE of mind AND heart…

not just a settling of one or the other, but both…the center of our thoughts AND the core of our emotions

And the PEACE I give is a gift the world CANNOT give…

stop looking to the “world” to offer you this peace…no government…no job…no diversion…no human relationship…no achievement…no goal…no little “g” god is able to give you PEACE

So don’t be troubled or afraid.  

this is not a suggestion…it is a command….because only Christ is able to bring us PEACE…reconciliation with God our Father…true PEACE…then we have, in Him, nothing to trouble us…nothing to be afraid of…doesn’t mean we won’t be…just means we need to keep taking our troubles and our fears back to the Cross…where we find our PEACE

John 14:27   NLT

God bless each and every one of you this weekend.

You are loved and blessed with the Peace of Christ which transcends…rises above…everything <3



A gentle reminder of what love is <3

I am typing this while listening to the debate so if it goes off the rail you can blame them. (Insert one of those grimacing emoji faces…)

Do you struggle with letting people down? Not just being a “people pleaser” but that nagging self-loathing that can eat away at you when you have failed someone.

Recently I had the opportunity to join a group of friends in hosting a shower for a young couple in our church. We divvied up the tasks and I offered to help one creative lady who had come up with the decorations.


We set a work day and while I worked on painting wooden letters, she stood cutting out multiple lengths of fabric to use on the tables.

I knew her back had to be hurting and I was happy to be able to take over for the last few.

When she mentioned that they would need to be pressed, I offered to take half.

Since I felt she had already given so much just cutting them, I made sure my pile included a few extra.

Which would have been a very nice gesture.

Except, the day of the shower…

as we were carrying things in and getting set up…

and I saw my friend standing there with her nicely ironed table runners…

all crisply dangling from hangers…

and she motioned to them…

and then kind of looked inquiringly at me…

and finally had to ask the fateful question …

where were mine?


THAT was the next time I remembered that I had taken more than half home with me.

Horrified, I grabbed my keys and drove across town where I frantically searched high and low, several times, while I alternated between fervent prayers for God to help me remember where I had put them and the most cruel dress-down of my negligence and stupidity.

After the third overhaul of every nook and cranny, I realized I had to accept the fact that I lost them.

I tearfully made the drive back to church; so angry with myself and heartbroken.

Not only had I let all of these sweet ladies down, I cried bitter tears for the precious one who had come up with the decorations and stood for several hours bent over a pair of pinking shears only to have more than half of her work disappear.

I knew she would be kind because I know her, and really nothing she or anyone could have said would have been worse than what I was saying to myself.

I would have rather kept on driving but I pulled into the lot to face the music.

And there, on the sidewalk in front of our church, stood my friend…arms stretched out…already saying it was fine.

She held me while I blubbered my apologies and reassured me that everything looked lovely.

She ushered me in to show me that it had all come together and that no one would notice the missing the runners.

She was wrong about one thing…I noticed their absence…and it was hard to forgive myself.

But the love and support of forgiving friends was a huge reminder of a bonus of belonging to the Body of Christ.

This friend, who took me in her arms and kept telling me it was okay that I blew it so badly, has never once let me down.

Though she will protest that this is not true; I can honestly tell you that she hasn’t.

And yet her immediate response was more concern to wipe my tears away then to bemoan the complete irresponsibility of what I had done…or rather had not done.

She hadn’t vented about it to our other friends. And she has not once brought it up, even in jest…although I may have a couple of times.

THIS is Jesus with skin on.

I think of how this models His love and mercy and grace exhibited time and again in my journey.

He has never done anything to let me down, while I have dropped the ball more times than I carried it.

He has never broken His covenant with me, even when I have wandered far from Him.

He remains faithful when I have bowed to little gods of my own making.

And when I come to Him in tears of sorrow and repentance, He reaches out and comforts me.

He does not hold grudges or talk badly about me to others.

Instead He gives me beauty for ashes…joy to replace my sorrow … a garment of praise instead of despair…

Time and time again.

I pray that each of you can look back over your walk with Him thus far and can say the same.

He is gracious and kind; loving and forgiving.

He knows what each of us is made of, and He loves us <3

Speaking of a full day ahead…


I woke up this morning running the next twelve plus hours through my head and they are rather jam-packed with commitments.

As soon as I post this, I will begin the morning routine which basically means I run around with my adult ADHD issues trying to get myself ready, sneak in some cleaning and laundry.

This will involve multiple trips up and down the stairs and in and out of rooms as I look for my glasses or my coffee cup or my brain.

I will invariably be rushing around at the last minute trying to gather my stuff and make it to the store before the first customer arrives. (Hi Kim…I know you read this…thanks for grace <3 )

Since it’s a shoppe, it is hard to know what the day will bring…

Will we be busy or slow? Will there be shipment or not? Will the customer base be those sweet people who love the store or the crabby’s who test the limits of the “customer is always right”?

Sorry folks…just being real…I know all of you fall in the first category, but the others do exist. And they need love and ministry as much as you all who behave when you shop.

Seven hours later I will close her up and head to church to make copies for class and then teach  a class on Prayer for our Equip Fall Series.


From there I will drive home, collapse on the couch and contemplate what to write you lovely folks tomorrow.

So to gear up for this busy day, I took time to read more from the book of Mark.

I am in Chapter 5. It’s the day after Jesus had a long day of preaching followed by a short night’s sleep…which was interrupted so He could take charge of telling a violent storm to cease and desist.

From there, He started the morning with the exorcism of enough demons from one man that they called themselves a legion…which can be 3,000-6,000 members so….no small amount of evil there.

After getting the man delivered and sitting a bit with him as he enjoyed being in his right mind, wearing nice clothes and acting like a decent human being…the towns people got quite upset with Him.

Seems they were more comfortable with a demoniac than a Man with the power of God who could deliver him.


So back in the boat He went, and back across the sea. He was greeted with a request to come and heal a man’s daughter. But to do this He had to maneuver through a large crowd of people. So many they were all pushed up against each other.

In the process, He was delayed when a woman in the crowd sought the opportunity of close proximity to nab a healing of her own.

News of the price of delay in getting to the ailing child arrived and for an anxious father, hope fled.

But Jesus, still jostled by the crowd, urged and encouraged him to believe.

And when they arrived at the house, He kicked out the mourners…and the unbelievers…and He took charge of death and kicked it out of that house.


We don’t know what else filled that one day in His life, but as I sat reading these three stories I was filled with a sense of awe and worship for Him.

His Word assures me that because I am His, He will be with me today.

Because He lives in me, the crowds I walk through…the people I talk to…the opportunities I have to offer healing, deliverance, life..these are the ministries of Jesus.

To be His hands and feet…to share the Good News of Jesus Christ…these are really the only tasks that matter <3


We may have things just a bit confusing these days…


This could most likely stir up a hornet’s nest…

which is something I try very hard not to do.

Because we all are running into enough of that everywhere we go.

But I just have to say…

in the last week…

I have been exposed to extremely explicit references to issues that I find degrading to me as a woman; whole rants that are lewd, offensive and vulgar.

And maybe you are thinking I am talking about the political ads, commentaries, youtube videos and other such nonsense that has become the whole focus of how we are going about determining who to vote for to lead this country.

But no.

I heard it on the commercial breaks between the games we were watching. It is  for a popular new prime time show and the words spew  from the mouth of the attractive female star.

Because I guess, as long as it is entertainment and it is a woman referring to herself and sexuality in vulgar and crude ways, it is okay.

Apparently if it is under the umbrella of “entertainment” and “empowerment”….all’s fair.

I am not making apologies or a Pro-Anybody spiel for the foolishness that has served as “campaigning” in this election, but I am acknowledging my extreme frustration at this double standard of what is acceptable and what is vulgar.

For quite some time, crime/drama shows have fed us and our young people a steady diet of a rather toxic cocktail that mixes sex and violence. Provocatively displayed bodies of a brutally mutilated woman offer young and old, male and female, the opportunity to try and sort through all the physical, emotional and mental responses these scenes arouse.

The video games that are top sellers are increasingly more realistic as the “controller” manipulates characters in a variety of activities, numbing the mind to any sense of moral and ethical behavior and the sanctity of life; let alone a basic sense of respect for others.

Celebrities embrace lewd behavior on the stage and then cry “Foul!!” when someone takes the bait and verbalizes what their invitation suggested and promoted.

We can point fingers and judge the people running for office, but we need to look around at our own tolerance for such things.

To be in the world but not of the world is a battle we must diligently face. We cannot shrug off the garbage that is pouring in to our own living rooms while we vilify those who are a product of a culture that has run amok.

I am currently reading “The Daniel Prayer” by Anne Graham Lotz.

I highly suggest it as a place to start applying that verse we love to quote so often as we seek help for our nation…




by my Name

will HUMBLE themselves…

and PRAY

and seek MY FACE


TURN from their wicked ways…


I WILL  hear from Heaven…

and I WILL…

forgive their sin…

and I will…

heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Anne points out that wickedness is when we determine that we no longer care what God thinks. We decide for ourselves what is good and what is evil and we do whatever we want.

The world…this culture…this country…may be in that place.

But HIS PEOPLE must continue to humbly come before Him, seek His face, confront our own sin and stand in the gap for the sins of those who do not know Him…turn from our own wickedness… our own decisions of what we will think of as right and wrong…repent and pray as we….

journey onward <3



Have you met Emmett?


When we met our second grandson three plus years ago, we had no idea the adventure that would be this little bundle of God’s perfect mix of genetics and wiring and delight.

To say he has a mind of his own would be an understatement…


So last Thursday when he was supposed to be taking a much needed nap…

after vowing to not get out of his bed again….

and yet I found him…


cheerfully suggesting we could read this book…

and giving me the infamous Emmett charm at full blast….

I threw in the towel and we rolled with no nap.

But there are consequences for three year olds who skip nap too many days in a row.

And the piper must be payed at some point.

So when we finished the long day, the expected meltdown came.

It seems he didn’t cooperate in picking out his jammies, so his mommy selected a pair and the combination of the skipped rest and the poor choice hit a brick wall.


Standing straight as a board…

with as much water pouring from his eyes as from the faucet…

he wailed loudly and repeatedly that he wanted his Chupacabra pajamas.


and over

and over ….

at a mind-numbing decibel.

I know this because this all happened inches from my face and my ear.

So I bathed and I soothed and I just kept repeating over and over into that three year old tirade that I understood and that I loved him.

I kissed the snottiest little face and I wrapped that tired little body in his Olaf towel.

I cajoled him into the pajamas his mommy had brought him and smiled encouragement at her…our daughter…over the top of a brown terry cloth snowman’s nose protruding from this little tot’s forehead.

It was easy to support her and yet love on him.

I understand painful consequences and that they hurt the parent as much or more than the child.

I also understand that in the midst of the struggle, there is room for compassion and love that wraps us up and holds us close.

I know this because I have received this kind of love from my Father in the excruciating repercussions of my own bad choices.

I have known His love wrapped around me and I have received far more blessings than I ever deserved.


How deep the Father’s love for us…

how vast beyond all measure…

that He would give His only Son…

 to make a wretch His treasure <3               Stuart Townend