We are, in deed, blessed <3

IMG_0614 I actually got the whole house cleaned today.

Not without several pep talks, mind you.

I even emailed myself a rather scathing message about it being time to stop procrastinating. It worked, though I am still a little offended about the way I talked to myself….

As I cleaned, I kept thinking of a dear friend and mentor that I haven’t seen for several years. Nothing about her would be connected to the housework I was doing, but I could not shake the remembrance of her.

I thought about calling, but there was that stern email I had received from me that kept my nose firmly to the grindstone as I checked things off the list.

So since I didn’t take the time to call, I would pray.

I really didn’t know what I was praying for, but I figured God did. Each time she came to mind, I would debate calling, lose the debate and pray for her.

At the very end of the day, I sat down in a pleasantly clean and tidy house and there she was on my mind again. I was concerned it was too late to call her, but I just knew I had to.

One more prayer that it wasn’t past bedtime and I found her in my contacts and dialed…

And you know what…it turns out that this had been a kind of hard day for her.

We talked about a lot of things but when it all came down to the end, she told me that the fact I had been thinking of her was evidence that God was very much at work in the difficult news of the day.

She was encouraged and blessed to know that once again God was sending His love through someone in the Body.

Funny thing is…I needed to know that, too.

I needed to be reassured that God is very much at work in my life and in the lives of those I love.

I was encouraged that I had encouraged her, because it was God who put her on my heart all day. Which means, I am on His mind too…and I like that. A lot.

And that’s how it works, isn’t it?

God places on your heart to do something to spread His love, and He loves you right back through what you did.

I pray you will be blessed today in the giving and receiving of blessings through obedience <3



Because your little matters much <3

No, this is not turning into a knitting blog (if you read yesterday’s post).

It’s just that I wanted to share with you why I have even returned to knitting as a hobby.

It all started with this group of beauties….


I saw them all sitting around the cafe at our church a couple of  years ago and inquired what was going on.


Yes. It is as simple as it sounds. They knit squares.


Oh, they knit other stuff, too. And some of them crochet, which is just beyond me how that works… And they talk. And laugh.

But mainly the focus is to knit….squares.

And I wanted to be a part of it. So I dug out my needles and relearned the basics and carry my cardboard square with my knitting everywhere I go to make sure my squares are 8″ x 8″…because….


My little squares will be packaged up with my friends’ squares and mailed off to South Africa where they will be sown together with 34 other squares from all around the world.

And then they will be wrapped around children who are orphans to Aids.

We got a letter from the director of Knit-a-Square. She told us that the children marvel when told of how the blankets have come to them. How they are wrapped in the warmth and love of people who do not even know them.

But Jesus loves them. And so do we.

Each stitch is a prayer for them to feel the love of Christ.

To be wrapped in His arms.

To know they have not been forsaken by Him.

An 8″ x 8″ square doesn’t seem like much, til you sew it up with the others and it becomes the tangible touch of Christ.

Maybe you don’t knit or crochet squares, but every little thing you do to be His hands and feet to someone else adds up to something big in a very cold and dark world.

Be blessed today and know….your little matters much <3

*Check out the website….www.knit-a-square.com* and if you live locally and would like to join us, bring your little self to First Christian Church the first Tuesday of the month from 6 – 8 PM. You don’t have to know how to knit or crochet…there is plenty ‘o help on site!!!!! 

Out of my hands




Last Saturday evening I was sitting on the couch, knitting happily on a little project I have been working on and thinking to myself how happy I was that I finally have the hang of the pattern…knit 3, purl 1, knit 3…oh sorry…this happens a lot once you get the hang of a pattern or so I am learning….

Except on Saturday night somewhere between a knit and a purl I allowed myself to have non-knit thoughts and boom…I dropped a stitch.

As I tried to fish it back on the needle, it slipped dangerously below several rows and I knew I the sting of truth…pride goeth before the fall.

I googled “How to pick up a dropped stitch” and made matters worse.

So I did what any one in my situation would do who has an ounce of sense. I texted an SOS to one of the experienced knitters at church and made arrangements to meet up with her in the lobby Sunday morning for help.

And by help I mean, I handed her the Ziplock bag with my knitting in it, explained the problem and pattern and took off to get my coffee, because well…if you know me…

With coffee secured, I headed back to the table where she was sorting through the spaghetti of my mess.

She looked up only briefly to shoo me on to go teach my class.

Because as surely as I will have a coffee in my hand, I will also need to make copies five minutes before class starts. I am pretty predictable.

After class, she met me in the hall, showed me the progress and assured me she would have it pulled together after church.

And she did. She fixed the problem and I can proceed with the work that I need to do to finish the project.

And I wonder why it was so easy to hand over a mess I couldn’t fix to someone and not give it another thought. Not once did I argue with her or try to take it back. There was never a moment during Sunday School or church when I was distracted because I was wondering how she was doing. I didn’t care. My mess was in the hands of an expert and I just went on with life.

And I wonder what God thinks of all this marvelous letting go.

Because I have some stuff on my heart. Unraveled and messy stuff that I have absolutely no idea or way or power to fix.

And I hand it over to God, but then I never really release my hands from the bag.

I wonder and ponder and fret how He is going to work it out and make it right. I worry that how He works it out won’t end up looking like the project I had in mind.

The past few weeks I keep running into the same message from teachings to articles to email devotions about how worry is really the sin of unbelief, and the root is a desire to be in control of things.

I’m thinking God just might be telling me to LET GO OF THE BAG….so He can get on with His work…and to TRUST HIM because He knows what He is doing.

In fact, I sense He is telling me to go get my coffee, and make my copies and teach my class; basically do the every day stuff that I am supposed to be doing instead of watch-dogging the ways He is working in areas that look kind of like dropped stitches.

Oh there will be work to finish, when He hands it back to me…but He will be there to help me with that too.

Maybe you are like me and you have some things that are troubling you. Let’s put them in some sort of “bag” and in prayer, hand them over to God acknowledging that He is the only one that can fix the mess. And then let’s purposefully, faithfully, intentionally get busy with the things that are right in front of us that only we can do, exercising complete faith and confidence in Him to do what only He can do.


So who are you following?

We met some friends for dinner a few weeks ago. Our table was in an enclosed upper level annex to the main dining area. There is a ramp walkway located in the center of the restaurant that leads to this section.

When we were finished and ready to leave, I was the first out the door of this room. The little hall leading to the ramp is small, so I charged forward boldly and continued down the ramp into the main dining area.

I felt a little conspicuous descending past tables full of diners so I kept my head down and mustered confidence knowing my husband and friends were right behind me.


When I got to the front door and looked back, I was completely alone.

Realizing I had just marched through a restaurant full of people without my posse, I panicked. Pure adrenaline propelled me to retrace my steps rapidly back the way I had just come.

By the time I reached Russ and our friends, embarrassment succumbed to humor.

We all laughed when I burst back through the door commenting that you know you aren’t a leader when no one has followed you.

Which makes me think.

I say I am a follower of Christ.

But I know for a fact that there are many times when He arrived at a destination planned for us without me in tow.

He marched forward, but I was off somewhere…distracted or wandering or straight up lost.

I have been deeply touched by the video of the 21 Coptic Christian prisoners kneeling on that beach.

I can not get over the serenity on their faces. One young man is, obviously, calmly praying. Probably a prayer he has prayed his whole life.

And I think how in the midst of the worst of all possible situations, these men were right behind Jesus. Following Him, as they always had.

All the way to the end.

There is a precious video that captures the faithfulness of these men and many others who have followed well. I don’t know how to do the fancy addition of the website, but you can google it with “21 Martyrs”.

May we all be followers worthy of our Leader.

God bless you as follow Him well; all the way to the end <3