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As we wrap up the week….

It’s just so very strange to move through the motions of switching seasons, enjoying one of the most incredible runs of beautifully perfect September weather I can remember in a long time here in the Midwest and know the devastation so many are dealing with.

Even as large numbers of people make a mass exodus from Florida, we hear reports of  many supplies and convoys heading to Texas with much needed help for those who have lost their homes.

Our beautiful Pacific Northwest is engulfed in flames, while families make their way through the rubble of their island homes in the Caribbean.

I cannot imagine being in any one of these situations and my heart goes out to those who are making their way through.

Besides the havoc from storms and fires, several posts from church friends in the last few days have expressed sorrows over losses.

And then there are the private grieving’s that many are dealing with.

We can become so overwhelmed with empathy and compassion that we actually find it necessary to shut down…look the other way…every man for himself….and other such thinking.

This is where the heart becomes tempted to grow cold and hard.

God has warned us through His Word that when hard things come on with greater intensity and frequency, it will be tempting to become lovers of ourselves.

In an effort to self-preserve, we will cease to persevere.

But we are not powerless to help those in need.

Prayer is powerful as we ask God to intervene in settings and circumstances…anywhere from a personal matter, to the broken heart of a loved one, to the diverting of a storm and a calming of the winds.

Financial help and physical help is also a way we show God’s love to those in need.

There are so many trustworthy organizations that are able to provide for the needs of people displaced by the storm.

Local churches and individuals are sending help, as well as national ministries like the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse.

As we watch the news and read the paper, let’s do it with pleas raised to God to show mercy for those who are in danger and eyes to see where we can share what we have with others.

For as the heavens are high above the earth…

so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him…

as far as the east is from the west…so far has He removed our sins from us…

as a loving father looks with compassion on his own children…

so does the LORD take to heart those who fear Him…

for He knows how we are made…has He not made us?…

He remembers we are but frail humans…

but He calls us His beloved.

We pass through this world…but He is eternal…

And we, who are in Christ, are eternally with Him.  

 Based on Psalm 103








This week so far <3

I am having my Commemoration Week…which is a special week that I have talked about in past years…but this one is kind of private so far…so it may or may not be discussed but in the meantime…that’s why I didn’t show up on Tuesday.

I was sitting at our table with Monday’s mascara smeared E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. on my blotchy face as I dug around in Exodus 12.

Which is where Commemoration Week started for me many years ago and you can read more about it under the category with that name.

But in the meantime…a few thoughts that I can share….like..

current decorating trends…

case in point…

and can I just say…

I don’t get it.

I think it’s a wee bit funny that the hot new trend is a farm house look and I am having flash backs to when all the current decorators were being raised by me and my friends in “country” homes…and I have to smile.

It’s like my English teacher always tried to tell us…what goes around, comes around…there really isn’t anything new under the sun…just recycled ideas with a new twist.

Also on this blonde brain tonight is a a bit of  a nod to Glen Campbell since I may have watched his variety show religiously, collected a good portion of his albums and can probably lip sync most of his songs….

as in…

I am a lineman for the county….


We watched the documentary on his Alzheimer several years ago and I felt such a connection.

As I watched his blank eyes and flip answers and laugh I saw my dad and I felt understood.

Like I wasn’t crazy.

The disease was as awful and surreal as I remembered it.

If you have someone suffering with Alzheimer’s or have lost someone to this evil disease, the documentary truly ministered to this hurting daughter.

And as a little sweet treat…

I am including what life is like for Sweet Caroline and the band of brothers this week…



photo by Rachel Maxwell

Then last of all…

I was at Kroger on Friday and the floral department had a dozen roses for $8…I know…

so of course I said yes.

And I look at those roses and I think…

how can there not be a God?

How could anything but His divine hand take something as delicate as the petals of a flower and shape such beauty?

How could anyone but God come up with the myriad of plants and animals over and over, again and again and fill the world with wonder?

How could we ever think for one second that we came from some blob of slime that somehow morphed itself into intricate life and how on earth can we be so arrogant as to assume that we ourselves could ever hold any measure to His awesomeness?

And why would we want to ?

His beauty is beyond our understanding and yet He stoops down and calls us His children.

Praise Him <3

Praise Him <3

He is worthy of glory and honor and praise <3

He has formed all creation and He has breathed HIs life into our lungs and out of the breath we are given we cry…

Holy! Holy! Holy!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Remember whose you are <3




To simply say thank you <3

Thank you to those who went before us and believed that America had a calling to stand for freedom…

to defend ours and to help others gain theirs.

Thank you to those who love this country and what they believe it stands for.

Who understand the sacrifice of leaving home and family to serve others.

Thank you to those who fought in “unpopular” wars.

Thank you to those who were disrespected because politics got in the way of people.

Thank you for bearing scars we cannot see with our eyes.

Thank you for understanding better than any of us what it is like to lay down your life for a brother or a friend.

Thank you every day for the freedom you have preserved for us and extended around the world.

We salute you…men and women of the armed forces today.

We remember those who went before you.

Thank you <3

This and that on a Tuesday <3

I have a few randoms to share with you so…first off…

Yes it’s that time of year again…Russ and I are running the 5K in Champaign on Friday April 21st with the WBGL Hope for Justice Team.

They are raising funds for the fight against human trafficking here and around the world.

How can you get involved?

…short of the insanity of donning tennis shoes and pounding pavement that some people actually …



just kidding.

I’m so glad you asked because…

You can support the cause from the comfort of your desk chair and donate online to our team —

Here:        //

Or seriously any WBGL Team – they are woefully short on meeting their goal.

You can also make it your business to find out what IJM (International Justice Mission) is actively doing around the world to help identify traffickers and provide legal counsel and prosecution.  Here:    //

I said this was a this and that day…so here’s the that.

I was given a copy of Beth Moore’s The Undoing of Saint Silvanus as a gift from a dear friend.

You may know I typically do not read fiction because….this mind has enough issues attempting to stay on the tracks of productivity without engaging it in an alternate world of characters and their plot line to analyze and over analyze.

I learned years ago that fiction is one of those “perfectly-fine-for-others-but-not-me” things. But I have also learned that I struggle with legalism as well so decided to trust God and enjoy seeing what our Beth had come up with.

It was a delightfully uplifting and wonderfully entertaining read.

True to Beth’s whole purpose in all things, the entire book pointed to Jesus. His love and His mercy and His grace, but all woven in a story rich in character development and a regional visit to the sights, sounds and tastes of New Awlins, Lou-weeee-zeeee-annah that will leave you refreshed and inspired.

And if you can get through her descriptions of Olivia’s french press coffee and the thought of beignet’s without salivating…you are a stronger person than me!

So there you have it….this and that…

have a blessed Tuesday and I will see ya’all tomorrow <3

Winding down 2016 <3

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

I somehow got my days mixed up and totally missed sending the Thursday email ,if you also get that and wondered what happened.

So a day late, I couldn’t let the year end without connecting with you all.

What a year it has been.

I don’t want to focus on negative, but it has been a hard one for so many.

Our nation is experiencing much division and unrest, as I am sure you have noticed. Not to mention personal sorrows and grief in so many lives.

As a Christian, many of the things I hear and see make my heart sad as we drift farther and farther away from God.

I cannot think of any “resolution” or “goal” or “objective” for the New Year that could be more important than firmly setting our hearts on KNOWING God by reading and studying His Word and then APPLYING it to our daily lives.

If light shines brightest in the darkest places, then let’s make every effort to effectively reflect the LIGHT of Christ in 2017.

We have, each one, been given an area of influence into which we are called to speak HOPE and TRUTH and LIFE.

This world is hungering after spirituality, but needs the Holy Spirit.

You and I are the conduit for His Presence everywhere we go.

Let us determine in our hearts to follow Him, to lift up His Name that all men and women might be drawn to Him this coming year.

God bless each one of you.

I know some of us are weary and beat down.

We are hard pressed, but the Lord promises…

we are not crushed.

Not abandoned.

Not alone.

I pray for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on us.

I pray for God to open doors we thought were closed.

Yes, I even pray for doors to stay shut that should not be opened.

I pray for the Love and Life and Mercy and Grace of Christ to fill each of us as we seek His face DAILY and that the overflow of the JOY of HIS salvation will spill out abundantly on those whose lives we touch as you and I continue to…

journey onward <3