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To simply say thank you <3

Thank you to those who went before us and believed that America had a calling to stand for freedom…

to defend ours and to help others gain theirs.

Thank you to those who love this country and what they believe it stands for.

Who understand the sacrifice of leaving home and family to serve others.

Thank you to those who fought in “unpopular” wars.

Thank you to those who were disrespected because politics got in the way of people.

Thank you for bearing scars we cannot see with our eyes.

Thank you for understanding better than any of us what it is like to lay down your life for a brother or a friend.

Thank you every day for the freedom you have preserved for us and extended around the world.

We salute you…men and women of the armed forces today.

We remember those who went before you.

Thank you <3

This and that on a Tuesday <3

I have a few randoms to share with you so…first off…

Yes it’s that time of year again…Russ and I are running the 5K in Champaign on Friday April 21st with the WBGL Hope for Justice Team.

They are raising funds for the fight against human trafficking here and around the world.

How can you get involved?

…short of the insanity of donning tennis shoes and pounding pavement that some people actually …



just kidding.

I’m so glad you asked because…

You can support the cause from the comfort of your desk chair and donate online to our team —

Here:        //

Or seriously any WBGL Team – they are woefully short on meeting their goal.

You can also make it your business to find out what IJM (International Justice Mission) is actively doing around the world to help identify traffickers and provide legal counsel and prosecution.  Here:    //

I said this was a this and that day…so here’s the that.

I was given a copy of Beth Moore’s The Undoing of Saint Silvanus as a gift from a dear friend.

You may know I typically do not read fiction because….this mind has enough issues attempting to stay on the tracks of productivity without engaging it in an alternate world of characters and their plot line to analyze and over analyze.

I learned years ago that fiction is one of those “perfectly-fine-for-others-but-not-me” things. But I have also learned that I struggle with legalism as well so decided to trust God and enjoy seeing what our Beth had come up with.

It was a delightfully uplifting and wonderfully entertaining read.

True to Beth’s whole purpose in all things, the entire book pointed to Jesus. His love and His mercy and His grace, but all woven in a story rich in character development and a regional visit to the sights, sounds and tastes of New Awlins, Lou-weeee-zeeee-annah that will leave you refreshed and inspired.

And if you can get through her descriptions of Olivia’s french press coffee and the thought of beignet’s without salivating…you are a stronger person than me!

So there you have it….this and that…

have a blessed Tuesday and I will see ya’all tomorrow <3

Winding down 2016 <3

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

I somehow got my days mixed up and totally missed sending the Thursday email ,if you also get that and wondered what happened.

So a day late, I couldn’t let the year end without connecting with you all.

What a year it has been.

I don’t want to focus on negative, but it has been a hard one for so many.

Our nation is experiencing much division and unrest, as I am sure you have noticed. Not to mention personal sorrows and grief in so many lives.

As a Christian, many of the things I hear and see make my heart sad as we drift farther and farther away from God.

I cannot think of any “resolution” or “goal” or “objective” for the New Year that could be more important than firmly setting our hearts on KNOWING God by reading and studying His Word and then APPLYING it to our daily lives.

If light shines brightest in the darkest places, then let’s make every effort to effectively reflect the LIGHT of Christ in 2017.

We have, each one, been given an area of influence into which we are called to speak HOPE and TRUTH and LIFE.

This world is hungering after spirituality, but needs the Holy Spirit.

You and I are the conduit for His Presence everywhere we go.

Let us determine in our hearts to follow Him, to lift up His Name that all men and women might be drawn to Him this coming year.

God bless each one of you.

I know some of us are weary and beat down.

We are hard pressed, but the Lord promises…

we are not crushed.

Not abandoned.

Not alone.

I pray for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on us.

I pray for God to open doors we thought were closed.

Yes, I even pray for doors to stay shut that should not be opened.

I pray for the Love and Life and Mercy and Grace of Christ to fill each of us as we seek His face DAILY and that the overflow of the JOY of HIS salvation will spill out abundantly on those whose lives we touch as you and I continue to…

journey onward <3


Along the journey <3

Version 2

The odd thing about being a private person who decided to share some of her most treasured thoughts on the internet is that there are those awkward times.

Times when it’s not  just me and what I am thinking and feeling, but I carry some precious hearts with me that may or may not like being exposed at tender times.

And this is a tender time for the family that took me in to their hearts and made me one of their own some 36 years ago.

So just briefly today, because I sense a closeness to the unknown faces on the other side of this screen who for some reason find something of value in the words I type and the pictures I post and the snippets of life and hope and Jesus that I try to share five days a week…give or take…

On Friday, Russ and I drove as fast as we could in hopes that we would make it in time to say goodbye to … dare I say…”our” dad.

And Marion Reimer, true to his gracious and kind heart to the very end…


patiently waited for us to join Russ’s brother and sister and our Sarah around his bed.

Gave us time to thank him for all the big and little ways he loved and supported us through the years.

Then with no drama or flare….

as quietly as he lived his life out before us…

he left us…

with his children gathered around him in a circle…

and me a grateful recipient of this family’s love…

leaning on the back of the man I am blessed to call my husband.


Thanks for sharing the journey with us…the good parts and the hard ones.

God bless each of you for your own tender hearts today –


wherever you are hurting…wherever you feel alone or forgotten…wherever you feel misunderstood…may you know today the very real Presence of our heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ <3


A special tribute … AND A GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Our sister-in-law sent us some pictures this week of a book we made for their son’s first grade class project for Flat Stanley.

That little guy is now….gulp…a sophomore….




I totally forgot we had once taken his little paper cut-out self all over town ….

because I was kind of busy back in those days.


It was 2003 and while we toted Flat Stanley around the hot spots of Soy City…

we didn’t know we were only at the very beginning of what would be a seven year trek through our personal encounter with Alzheimers disease.

We had already been down a long road and God, in His mercy, took us step by step the whole way.

I think it was kind of Him to not let us know exactly how long the journey would take but instead met us right where we were each day-after-long-wearing day.

But we had it better than so many.

My dad was 85 when we had to admit him to nursing care.

We had some laughter amongst the tears and some tender moments that only God could orchestrate.

I count it a mercy that I dealt with that in my mid-forties, thanks to being the child of older parents.

We were in a place in our family where the hopes and dreams, inspired by our still full nest, kept me sane in the midst of the trials of losing my dad to this dreadful disease.

I admit that many a day I would look at our kiddos and place my hand on my own head, praying fervently that God would keep me sound of mind and spare these dear ones of ours the heartache of dealing with their own mother slowly fading away someday.

I still do that from time to time, especially when I forget an important event or struggle to remember not only a name, but also the face to go with it.

Such is the fear of a child of an Alzheimer statistic.

That’s why I eagerly support any effort to raise funds for research to help discover God’s healing through prevention and medication that He has provided.

And right now, our local Walk to End Alzheimer is holding a Lasagna Dinner fundraiser.


It’s easy-peasy to participate…and here’s what you can do:

  1. By leaving a comment, sharing this post OR signing up to receive the blog by email…you will be entered into a drawing to win….



two tickets from Russ and me to you <3

*for obvious reasons….make sure you can actually USE the tickets…so while I HOPE to hear from ALL of you…only those within driving distance will be entered in the drawing <3

2. I also encourage you to consider purchasing tickets…

as well as spreading the word about the fundraiser.

It’s a win-win as you get a good dinner and more funds are raised to find answers to this disease.

You can buy  tickets for $10 by contacting Carol Smith at 217-422-1877.

Dinners will be ready for pickup between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM at Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Thursday, November 17th.

Drawing for the two tickets will be this Friday afternoon…

so make sure to…


enter your  comment


 sign up for the email


share the post

by noon Friday <3