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At the end of the day

It must have started in board rooms because I hear it mostly from men who work long hours inside the walls of the corporate world. Inside the walls of a world that I have never had to cope with. Where deals are made and kingdoms are built ….. for a time…. for a season…until new players take the field and new deals and kingdoms are on the line.

“At the end of the day….”, they say, and it’s all about realizing priorities.

It’s used by men I know who seem to know that in the end, it’s important to really know what really matters.

It speaks of wisdom that comes with years.

“At the end of the day…”, they say, and it seems that this always leads to some kind of insight about relationships. Relationships with God, with family, with friends.

“At the end of the day….”, they say, and they speak about realizing that success is really measured in how much was surrendered, not compromised.

“At the end of the day….”, they say, and there is a quiet strength and a resolve to start again tomorrow with the same integrity, the same dedication, the same faith that carried them to …….


the end of the day <3

Autocorrect don’t fail me now

Today a certain grandson turns 1 and on Monday the other one turns 3. We may be just a little bit excited around here…..but in the meantime….

Anybody else out there equally thankful for and irritated by the auto-correct feature on phones?

I know it is a great thing when it works, but can prove awkward when I don’t catch the substitute word auto correct has selected when my poor typing fails.

Some of them are downright funny………

“I once was BLONDE but now I see” (blind)
“a leap IS faith” (of)
“I LIVE you” (love)
“use the TOILS God is giving me” (tools)
“fictionary” (dictionary)

funny and, on a second glance, scarily prophetic and true. And yes, these are actual texts I sent and then proofread after the fact.

One of the interesting features of autocorrect is when it begins to absorb my made up words and considers them legitimate.

If I start typing t-c-h…. it will offer to finish with tchoffee or tchoming. Both are Graham-ese that forever have replaced the former option of the words coffee and coming.

It seems that if I type something often enough it becomes a “word” to spell check.

Our minds operate a bit like that. The thoughts that we routinely soak in become automatic responses in every day conversation. What we regularly put into our thinking will come out in the way we counsel others, make small talk and conduct ourselves in all manner of communication.

It is good think about our auto correct responses and review what we have been programming into our brains.

Or as I often write, let Gid equip you for the work He has called u to due.
Blessings <3

The Invitation


We were invited to St. Louis last night to hear these two beautiful young people, who happen to be our niece and nephew, sing with their choir tour.

The venue was the historic Trinity Lutheran Church.


From all angles….


And because I love the old churches, it was particularly inviting to me….


But as we sat and listened to the young voices lifted up, my eyes finally focused past the breath taking display of craftsmanship….IMG_0709

I zeroed in on the words….


And as I meditated and received, I could not help but give thanks to Him for the invitation.

IMG_0715 - Version 2

For surely we can be weary and heavy laden, but His burden is easy and His yoke is light.

Come unto Him today. Rest. Be held. Receive.


My Old Kentucky Home

This weekend we made a quick trip back to Kentucky to visit family.

You know I love the Midwest and see in it a beauty that is God’s display, but oh my goodness….I had forgotten…


Please pardon the bugs on the windshield….and enjoy a few pictures around the area where we spent Sunday night.


Not only is the landscape beautiful in horse country, but God’s workmanship in the making of a horse does take my breath away….

IMG_2116We stayed in a bed and breakfast that was amazing…


and welcoming…..


and nourishing…..


I can’t help but share it with you.

And that is the way our faith is, dear ones, we can not help but share with those we love the goodness of our God. We can’t hold back when we read a Scripture or a devotion that has touched our hearts.

We know God has spoken to us and we want to share it with others.

I wonder sometimes as I forward yet another writing or meditation or prayer or thought, especially to our family….am I overbearing in always wanting them to know how good God is and how much He loves them.

Am I pushing my faith on them instead of just letting go and letting God?

Then I read the words of this sister in Christ, written so many years ago:

“Every time an ambassador of Christ bids you come, and every time that anyone who loves Him tries to speak a word for Jesus to you, it is the call of the Spirit and the bride, for the bride is the church of Christ, and she is the privileged instrument through which music of the call is most often heard.”                  Frances Ridley Havergal – from Seasons of the Heart                                                                                                                            compiled by Donna Kelderman

The urgency we feel to share a word from the Lord is the call of the Spirit through us, a simple vessel of a heart that loves the Lord Jesus.

May each of our promptings to share a good word be accompanied by the prayer:

Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart……

Blessings on each of you, dear vessels of the love of God, as you share with a world that is thirsting for Living Water that which He has poured so generously into your own heart.                 <3


“The Theme” needs to be refreshed

At the start of the year, I try to take a look at my quiet time and make sure it hasn’t just become rote routine. Quiet time is a discipline and it is something I do at least in some small manner just about every day of the year. (I do give myself permission to skip if we are catching a plane that involves leaving at the ridiculous hour of 4 am!!!) But I believe each year needs an evaluation and an intentional method of approach to the discipline!

I also try to pray and seek God for a “focus” theme. This year I got my phrase from a post on inCourage early in January. The author was talking about “ridiculous hope” and I liked it.

Fresh from Christmas with the new year stretching wide and full of possibilities, I coined her phrase and I wrote in bold letters – Ridiculous Hope 2014.

You will find it scrawled in the margins of my Bible in various places and penned in different spots in my journal.

It embodies the idea that THIS YEAR – 2014 – I am planning on and expecting to see God do some pretty amazing things in some people’s lives. By taking the expression and owning it, I am saying that I am not going to lose hope. No matter what things look like, I am going to hold fast to HOPE.

But I have to tell you, it was like throwing a gauntlet down to the enemy of my soul.

It has been tested and tried and as May slowly winds down, I am finding that feeling ridiculous about the things I am hoping for has lost a little of its luster. Ok. A lot of its luster.

What sounded daring and amazingly positive in January is starting to feel like mocking and silly in May.

So it’s time to refresh.

It’s time to go back to that day when the phrase challenged me.

It’s time to push back the discouragement and pick up the Scriptures and revisit those places that caused me to flag verses as indicative of this Ridiculous Hope.

The finish line of December is a long way off, so this weary runner is getting back in the race by getting down on her knees!

What kind of Ridiculous Hope would I have if it didn’t seem …. well…you know…..ridiculous!

Blessings on you as you pursue your ‘theme’ for 2014!