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Friday prayer <3


I will be spending Friday with family so I am sharing a prayer I wrote this morning. May God bless you this weekend and I will look forward to visiting with you again on Monday <3

Take time to meditate on the words, the names…think of your own for Him who saved us <3

Heavenly Father, God of Glory, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father, Mighty Counselor, Ancient of Days, Lamb of God, Savior of the World, King of Kings…Lord of Lords…

I AM…Jehovah…Yeshua…

Alpha and Omega…Beginning and Ending of all things…

Remove the veil that covers our eyes; each of us in our own deceptions.

Release Your Truth today.

Only You can do this.

I look to You, my Master.

We are poor in spirit and helpless – intercede for us today, I pray.

We are Your children…the sheep of Your pasture…deliver us; unite our hearts to fear Your Name.

I ask in the Most Precious Name

The Name above ALL names

Jesus Christ

my Savior

my Lord <3


Even if…we will give thanks


In case you hadn’t heard, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.

So a head’s up…if you haven’t thawed your turkey yet, you may be thinking about a menu adjustment.

I have pages of notes with menu’s and schedules of when I can start certain things ahead of time…what needs to be done Thursday morning and my ADHD/perfectionist/emotional self is in high gear.

But there is more.IMG_2472

Over the years, I have been told that  I am transparent, a straight-shooter, genuine and, from one older gentleman a number of years ago — “the real deal”.

In all of that, I take it to mean that what I share is from my heart and my heart is, to the best of my ability, kept open before the Lord…so you may get more truth than you wanted from me at times…but you will always get the truth.

So the truth is, this is not one of those joyous Thanksgivings for us, nor for quite a few of our friends and acquaintances.

Certainly it is not what we would hope for this state, this nation and for the world. The spread sheet is leaning heavily on the side of trials and tribulations for many.

All of us are affected by hard circumstances and loss; some are the consequences of sin and some are just part of living on planet Earth.

But we will give thanks to God.


Not by pretending these things aren’t happening.

Not by faking a nice little world inside our dining room on Thursday.

Not by medicating or shopping or positive thinking or faking gratitude by coming up with things that … “At least we have this or that going for us…”


We will thanks to God for He is good.
We will give thanks to God in our trials because He is faithful.
We will give thanks to God for His provision and protection and providence.
We will give thanks to God for He is our ALL in ALL. In every situation, He is our everything.

The book of Habakkuk ends with a prayer that echoes the mood of us as individuals and as a nation. The writer of this book lists a variety of things that would prove devastating for his existence by saying, even if these things happen….
EVEN IF…the worst things I can think of come to be….



I will rejoice in the Lord; I will be happy in the God of my salvation. (Habakkuk 3:18)

And he says he can and will do this because…

The Lord God is my strength….He will give me the ability and agility to move through anything that comes my way. He will bring me safely over the mountains of this life. (Habakkuk 3:19)


In the midst of our own messes, in the midst of the pain of others, in the helplessness we feel for those who are trying to be heard…we will give thanks to God and look to Him to deliver us all.

May God bless each of you as we…journey onward with praise and thanksgiving to Him who is able <3

So thankful

When everyone else is looking like…


and I am feeling like…


I am so thankful that God is greater than my heart…

I am so thankful that He knows all things…

Things in me…

Things in others…

He knows how hard we try…and how hard we fail…

and according to His Word…He does not condemn us…

While judgment will come one day, for He is righteous, for those who are in Christ…there is no condemnation.


Oh my, yes!

And I am thankful, so very thankful when He convicts me of wrong-doing…but…in Him there is no condemnation.

My current memory verse is 1 John 3:19 and 20 from Kelly Minter’s study “What Love Is”

And by this we will know that we are of the truth, and we will set our hearts at ease before Him, whenever our hearts condemn us, for God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.

So I turn that into both a prayer and a declaration of faith…

I am so VERY thankful that YOU are GREATER than my heart…that YOU know ALL things…things in me…things in others…things in the circumstances. And so today…TODAY…TODAY….


I choose to, I am making a decision and all of me is going to line up with that decision…


set my heart at ease….I will purposefully bring my heart before you and I will let it rest when it condemns me…because surely and certainly there will be multiple opportunities today for my own heart to condemn me…to point out my less than’s, my failings, my weaknesses, my lack…

But all day today…I choose to set my heart at rest before you…

And this…THIS…is how I know…that I am of the truth…no matter how I feel…no matter what it seems others think…

I choose to set my heart at rest before You, Lord.







Hello Monday!

IMG_7268That’s me today…moving slow…with much to do…the story of my life.

So I am checking in with a little thought that I was smacked in the face with as I sat in church yesterday morning.

Quick background…our church introduced a new service schedule two weeks ago. Along with time changes, we now offer two services at the same time. The new location is called the East Auditorium and is a mirror of what is going on in the other location except we have a live feed of the sermon on a big screen.

I wasn’t sure how this would be for me, but I wanted to be supportive. The first week was surprisingly more “church-feeling” than I anticipated. But yesterday I encountered my first major adjustment.

Our pastor spoke about the way we offer praise in the midst of our traditional celebrations. As part of the sermon, he had a chef near him carving a turkey. Which was all well and good except the camera would pan over to the turkey only occasionally…

Now hear me please!! I am in no way dissing the camera operator!!!

But I was watching with fascination as I listened to the sermon and suddenly…no turkey carver…just Pastor Wayne holding his bible and talking.

So being fully blonde, I looked over past the edge of the screen but of course…no chef, no turkey.

And all of a sudden I was very frustrated and dissatisfied and feeling really cheated that I could only see what was on the screen right in front of me.

All of a sudden in the middle of church, of all places….I had to die to myself.

I had to die to what I wanted.

I had to die to what I can control.

So while the sermon was a good one…and the turkey samples they handed out were delicious…

God had a different teaching for me yesterday than was probably intended by the sermon planner.

And I am okay with that.

I can’t see all that God is doing right now…I can only see what He is showing me…and it is frustrating…and I am painfully aware that I can’t control what I am allowed to see…

and I can’t control what I am not allowed to see…


I am learning…

to trust that He is there…

working things out…

good things…

and I will see….


So until then, I wait for His revealing of what will be…glimpses of hope…

and I believe and trust in the One who is doing the work…

because He who promised…

is faithful <3

Tis the start of the Season…


As one who is easily distracted by shiny things, this season is particularly challenging for me as I sort through traditions that are dear to the fabric of my upbringing, parenting and grand-parenting while balancing the lure of extreme commercialism and marketing strategies against the sacred longing to use the season of Advent to draw even nearer to the Savior of the Cross of Easter.

I believe one antidote for getting sucked into the vortex and being carried away with the glitz is to make the concerns of others, especially outside of my usual circle of friends and family, a priority.


I was so happy to see that our church was taking in boxes for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child this year. Our boxes are due at First Christian this Sunday, November 21st.

You can use any shoe box, and it’s nice if you wrap the exterior in decorative paper…just wrap lid and bottom separately so it can be opened.

Or check out places like…IMG_7557

Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store…anyplace that sells the shoebox size plastic bins with lids.

Then you can fill the box with as much as you can squeeze into a shoebox!


The Operation Christmas Child website has guidelines to help you, and age categories for boys and girls…no food items, war type toys, liquids…

You can print off a label from the website and enclose a check for $7 to Samaritans Purse to help with shipping…and if you have mailed a package in the US recently, you KNOW that’s a bargain!

Most importantly…they encourage you to include a picture and a note….


On Sunday at church we watched a video of a young woman who received a box as a little girl. She still has the stuffed animal that was in her gift…but the thing she remembers most is that the people who sent it said they were praying for her.

She was not a believer, but came to receive Christ later in life. Her heart was opened by the wonder that someone on the other side of the world cared enough to shop for her and pray for her.

The stories of what it means to these children to receive a wash cloth, socks, their own toothbrush…is humbling when I think of all that we will lavish on our family who already has much.

Now maybe you are like some who would say…why don’t you give to people here in this country. And I do. But I was convicted in my heart by this video and so I know it was a great joy to me to shop for these two children that I do not know.

I cried as I prayed in the aisles of the store debating what color of socks the girl might want and hoping the boy would be the right age and size for the things I had selected. As I wondered where they would be using the soap and washcloth, and worried that someone might take it from them, these two unknown children became real to me and I prayed for them as I would pray for my own.

I will never see or meet these two…but I believe with all my heart that God led me to purchase what they need and He WILL speak to them of His love through this gift.

Maybe God is convicting you to purchase a coat for a child in your community. Or serve food on Thanksgiving or Christmas day in one of the shelters. Or go use the gifts He has given you to bless a lonely place with music.

Let your heart be softened and tendered to be moved by Him in whatever HE chooses!

In a world where ranting and posturing and rudeness and cynicism and self-fulfillment are the norm…you keep your hearts tender and do what God leads you to do….and keep doing it…long after the tree is out by the curb…long after the red cups have run out and people have moved on to some other reason to get riled up….long after the Christmas cheer has turned to thoughts of spring…YOU be the one who keeps on following the whispers of the Spirit of God…in your home, in your city, in your country, in your world…