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Jeepers Creepers….where’d you get those peepers???



there are quite a few things I do not care for about getting older.

But one I just get tickled about is reading glasses.

Whether it is my own dear husband peering over the top of his to tell me something as he reads the paper or my girlfriends digging theirs out at the restaurant to figure out the menu; I think they are all just adorable.

I don’t even mind putting mine on to read my devotions in the morning or to double check the fine print on a bank statement.

IMG_0492 (1)

But the one thing about them is…they are never where you thought you left them.

So I keep a large print bible of my dad’s upstairs in one of the bedrooms in case I need to look up a verse and can’t find those cheaters.

However this morning, I did have my readers on when I pulled out that particular Bible and wowzer…that large print was REALLY magnified.


And that’s what it means to magnify the Name of the Lord…it is to make it bigger and bigger…as in make it Jumbo and then Supersize it.

Magnify – Increase – Expand …every day…the words and promises and instructions He has given to us.

Enlarge His character and His reputation in the way you live and the words you speak.

Whatever takes first place in your heart, in your life, in your mind…whatever grabs the most attention and takes up the most space….this is what you worship.

Oh magnify the LORD with me…


and let us exalt His name together.
Psalm 34:3 NASB

You are not without power…


This will be a quick one because I have much to do before I leave for work and so…

As I was praying this morning, I thought of the movie Captain Phillips…I know….how random…

If you didn’t see it, Tom Hanks plays the captain of a cargo ship that is hijacked by pirates.

Basically, this big old ship stacked with huge containers and manned by a crew of 23 sailors is taken down with a little speed boat and four men under the age of 20.


Because the crew on the ship was unarmed.

All they could do was attempt to lock themselves down…but guess what.

Padlocks never win against guns.

And what on earth does this have to with my prayer time or your Wednesday?

Sometimes in this life we can feel like the enemy is overtaking our ship and we, like the crew of the Alabama have only a flimsy padlock between us and losing the battle.

That is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Do not be discouraged.

You have been given power through prayer and God’s Word to defeat the enemy who is encroaching on your territory and who is attempting to hijack your life.

Do not cower behind a flimsy padlocked door.

Step into your prayer closet with faith and His Word and take back your ship.

God bless you today, mighty warrior! Your God is on your side!

He wins <3

So I wonder why He didn’t just…


I have been spending some time reading the accounts of Jesus appearing after His Resurrection and I notice that when He rose, as He said He would… He didn’t go into the palace of Pilate or the courts of the Pharisees.

I notice He didn’t pop into and out of the presence of those who were blinded.

He didn’t do a “See, I told you so…” for the people who had scoffed.


He first appeared to reassure those who loved Him and mourned Him….the lowest and least first of all….Mary Magdalene and the women who had tended Him when alive and then went to tend His body after death…

Peter who had denied Him even though he had adamantly declared he would fight to the death for Him.

Thomas who doubted.

The disappointed followers who were leaving the city for Emmaus with their heads shaking at how wrong everything had gone. And…bless their hearts…spent time apprising the LORD of what had transpired the last three days…

And I wonder that He would choose this way to make His Resurrection known and assured…entrusted to those who loved Him and knew Him…strengthening them to receive His Spirit and to proclaim what they had seen with their eyes to a world that desperately needs Him.


I think of how I, who believe Him without seeing Him, would love so much for Him to just appear to those who doubt.

I want Him to walk into the palaces and courts and show Himself to be who I know Him to be.

And instead He chooses to operate in the same way today as yesterday.

He shows Himself to me in the quiet places of my personal need…


and then He bids me to go and proclaim what I have seen and heard to a world …

that desperately needs…

to know…



I pray you find Him today in the midst of the routines of life. I pray He shows up to YOU and that you are filled with boldness to proclaim Him as you….

and I…

journey onward     <3




Where joy and sorrow meet…

Greetings to you the day after Easter!

I truly hope you experienced the celebration of the Resurrection in a way that was meaningful to you however it went down.

Ours was different from what I would have pictured or planned for this season of our lives, if I can be honest.


All three of our adult children had places to be that were not here, which gave us the needed opening to travel to see Russ’s dad.

We did get to sneak in a pre-Easter visit with these little treasures…


on the way west.

We got to have dinner with Dad…


and then watched a little basketball before turning in early because…speaking of early…


we hit the 6:30 AM sunrise service and pancake breakfast at one of the churches near Dad’s facility.

And let me just tell you that “sunrise” was a misnomer…because if the sun did rise yesterday….

it was blanketed behind thick gray skies.

We spent some time with Russ’s dad and then headed home with a stop in Iowa City to visit a friend.

She is tucked away in a labyrinth of hallways and medical equipment as she faces her giant with prayer and faith.

After we visited Russ prayed for her and we drove the rest of the way in rain.


The power was off when we got home, so we lit candles and unloaded the car and were just about to escape to a restaurant for warmth, food and March Madness when the lights came on.

More pizza…


apparently Pizza is the new Ham and Cheesy Potatoes of Easter.

I finally felt brave enough to check Facebook and all the smiling faces of families and friends…but with a tender heart because I know with each photo there are stories behind the smiles.

There are loved ones in hospice, spouses who had to work and miss the party.

There are hurts and wounds and wanderings.

And there is GRACE…

and MERCY…

enough for every wound…

every hurt…

every wanderer…

And that is what Easter is for.


And we receive that abundant outpouring of mercy and grace like a child…


The reason Emmett isn’t digging into his basket is because he spent several minutes surveying what we had brought.

He kept taking in the overflowing buckets and then he would look at Papi and me and say with wonder and amazement as he patted his little chest…

IMG_0333 (1)

“All dis??? for us????”

That’s you and me at the Cross, my friend…

in the midst of all that is going on around us…

in the midst of suffering and trials…

we look at the Cross and the love and forgiveness and grace and mercy that flows from our Savior…

we pound our chests and marvel….

All of this?? was for US????



Yes indeed…all….ALL … for us <3


Best meal ever….really


Last night I got to serve some of my family the best meal of all.

The ingredients are simple and yet quite complicated.

And very, very expensive.

In fact…they cannot be purchased anywhere.

They were a gift.

We eat it once a week, but on the Thursday before Easter…we have a whole gathering just to talk about what that meal means to us.

Because we know we had a problem…


a problem common to all men and women…


regardless of gender…race…



We were born into it…

and we had no way out of it…


So God did what only He could do and He sent His Son…


as an atonement for sin.

Yes…the sin of the world…yes…the sin of the fall….

but my sin and your sin.


So as I handed out cubes of bread and said….

The Body of Christ broken for you

And as Russ held a cup of juice and said…

The Blood of Christ shed for you

We remembered the common ground we all are on at the foot of the cross.

Then we took our bread and we dipped it in the cup

And we remembered

Last week I shared about the song It is Well with My Soul.

It isn’t my favorite because it reminds me that even in the worst of times, God is my comfort.

It is my favorite because of the part that remembers….

My sin…oh the bliss of THIS glorious thought…

My sin…not in part, but the whole…

It IS nailed to the Cross 

And I bear no more…

Praise the LORD…Praise the LORD…

oh my soul <3                      Horatio Spafford

May God bless you with remembering …



what real Soul Food is <3