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Race day on the Journey…

First off…can I just say that controversy seems to be the climate of our daily existence and while I have lots of soapboxes I could pull up and share my thoughts…in reality…

IMG_1119 (1)

this kinda sums it up.

So since this is my journey today…


grab a cup of coffee or your favorite sports drink and  let me tell you how adrenaline must be the secret fuel of athletes because yesterday when I pulled into my parking spot to pick up our packets…


I was a mess…as in all teary and emotional and feeling like anyone carrying a nylon bag or headed to get one was part of my tribe…


although I am not sure they felt the reciprocal excitement…

my enthusiasm started to overtake my common sense as I actually began to entertain that thought that I said is a sure sign of lunacy…”I wonder if we could do a half marathon…”

I haven’t shared it verbally with my running buddy…


We will have to let that one marinate on the bucket list, I guess…

but for today…

we will run…

with purpose..

because in all the races of life…

this is the one thing I am not corn-fused about…


That’s truth.

For God so loved the world…that He GAVE His only Son…that whosoever believes IN Him…shall not perish…but have everlasting life…John 3:16

There is no freedom without Christ.


you will have to excuse me because …

you know…

I’ve got to run     <3





When your brain is running faster than your feet….


Russ and I will be heading over to Champaign after work on Friday to run the 5K for WBGL’s Hope for Justice team.

Which meant tonight was our last night to run before the race.

Apparently a 5K is like…over 3 miles…a distance which I have not yet actually run.

I HAVE increased from running from our driveway to the neighbors; and have been able to go a little over two miles now, so progress…


Tonight I decided it was time to see if I could manage to do three.

No hurry, right? Since, did I mention the race is Friday??

I get a stitch in my side walking fast,so this running thing has been a challenge that I have been able to pull off by listening to podcasts of teachings to pass the time.

However tonight; the night of the big final practice run, God in all His mercy sent sprinkles and thick gray skies that threatened a downpour so…no way could I run with my iPhone in hand.

It was just me propelled by this blonde brain as I made my way around the course.

As I ran I thought and prayed and pondered, with only mild panic that I might go insane before I ever made it back home.

I realized rather quickly that it was no good to think about how far I had come or how far I had yet to go.


I just had to run focusing on one step at a time.

The only way to finish was to keep picking up and putting down one foot after the other.

I realized that this is how we finish races…not by calculating the distance and breaking it up into portions that we can manage, not in chunks of distance that we tick off as we complete them…

but simply step by step…steadfastly one foot after the other…whether walking it out or running it out…that is how the race is finished.

It’s tedious and hard…but we can take the next step..and the next one…and the next one.


I think I must have finally got it right tonight because as I began to focus on just putting one foot after the other and breathing in…breathing out…I found a rhythm and then I noticed the sign on the little church I pass…

Be still and know…that I am God.

Good words to walk or run to…may God bless you as you finish well the race set before you.

You can do it.



One faithful step at a time <3

In the Storms of Life reposted from April 27, 2015 <3


It just seems like a good day to share something I wrote many years ago. For a very long time I kept it on the fridge as a daily reminder. But in a cleanup in January it got moved to the inside pantry door, where at just the right times I see it and am reminded….

When the waves are crashing and the sea is wild with fury. When the little boat of my life is tossed and threatened by the storm and I look for Jesus and see Him sleeping; I pray that I will remember to just lay down next to Him. If that is His posture in the midst of the violent storms, I want to be like Him. Who am I to think He needs to be notified? I will rest in Him.

May God bless you with the peace of His presence in the midst of the turmoils and storms of life <3

And then I blinked…

Because these three?


They still rattle around in my heart and mind in all of their ages and stages.

Their voices echo down these halls and I still can laugh out loud or wipe a stream of tears thinking of the stuff we’ve lived through together.

Often both at the same time.

And today….this one…


is having another birthday.

Will you indulge me sharing what I found in the pages of that journal I talked about on Monday?

How in October of 2003 I wrote about ending a time of grieving…

When we brought mom, dad and Aunt Lizzie from Louisville – our lives changed in an instant.

After a while, I felt there was a need in my spirit to acknowledge my grief and mourning without constantly weeping.

I decided to wear only my wrist watch for a time.

The absence of all other adornment was a quiet way to express my time of mourning.


Sarah noticed I wasn’t wearing my jewelry and asked me why.

For a while she, too, wore no jewelry…to share my grief and ask God why there was so much…on me…her mom


She began wearing hers again when she received the greatest of answers…

which was no answer…


she felt God was telling her He would not answer…

she must just trust Him <3


I remember well the day I ended my mourning.

I told her I felt it was time to set aside my grief and sorrow and move on into what our lives had become

…and she brought a gift from her room.

Something she had tucked away for this day.

A collection of silver earrings to celebrate God’s healing.

I think of her heart to accept the sharing of my burden of loss and grief even when she didn’t understand.

I think of her anticipation and the hope she held on to that a time would come when I might still be sad from time to time…but no longer mourned.

I think of how humbled I am that I, who wanted so much to teach our children, learned so much more than I ever taught <3

Happy Birthday to you dear child…


Love, mom <3


You got bit by what?


Driving through the countryside with a friend one late afternoon, I noticed beautiful dustings of purple across some of the fields.

When I asked her about them…

since she had ties to the farming community while I, on the other hand, once marveled that Americans eat THAT MANY green beans when surveying field after field of “beans”…yeah…

she agreed they were beautiful, but had no idea what they were…and then she expressed hope that it wasn’t some horrid weed that farmers hate.

So I went to an expert…Farmer Dave…who kindly provided me this picture…


though he wanted me to be assured this was not HIS field because…

yes indeed…

This is a nasty weed problem called Henbit.

So as pretty as it is to one as ignorant as me…

it is a bane to farmers and most unwelcome.

Apparently, this interloper needs to be nipped in the bud…dealt with in the early stages.

Because all those pretty flowers are sitting on top of a system of spreading undergrowth that chokes out the good crop a farmer is trying to produce.


This particular Monday, I am finding myself tired from life…

there are several friends in the raw seasons of grief…

quite a few dear people struggling with serious health issues…

we had a busy weekend of back to back events that left little time for refreshing…

and I might just have some spiritual henbit starting to tangle up what God would like to produce from me this week…


Because I know the conditions in my life that promote the growth of choking weeds…and my weaknesses that help it right along.

When I am tired and have not had time to refresh, I tend to allow my creature comforts to be my primary motivator.

I forget the disciplines of rest, proper nourishment of body and soul, exercise of the mind and the muscle and diligence in seeking God first and foremost.

These are the things that keep the soil of my heart ready to produce good things….

not just pretty things that catch the eye…


but the things of God that bear fruit for His Kingdom.

God bless you as you start your week seeking Him first in all things…fueling up on His Word…doing all things as unto Him.

Now…get out there and let’s do this thing!!!