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Because sometimes you just need to know that He knows <3


I missed you yesterday…it feels like more than a weekend since I last stopped in to say hello.

Russ has a business thing and I got to tag along so since I am far from home distance-wise…

I feel far from our people and our places time-wise as well.

But even all these miles away from home…

God has let me know several times that He knows we are here…

He knows all the details…

and all the needs…

all the time.

Exhibit A:

I miss church so much when we travel.

But Sunday I got asked to go to a local church out here with a woman who is also attending the event. She makes it a point to find a church to attend whenever she is away from home.

Something I always hope to do, but somehow talk myself out of.

She and I do not know each other even slightly well…but we have the ONE THING in common that makes everything else a level playing field.

We love Jesus and we know what we would be without Him.

So as we drove to the service, we talked of ways we have experienced His goodness even in the hardest of times…

and then we sat and listened to a sermon that we both swore the pastor delivered after listening to our conversation on the way to his church.

Because God knows what we needed to hear.

We needed to hear…

He knows us

He knows where we are

He knows what we need

He knows


Exhibit B:

I went for a walk this morning.

A four mile walk.

With a whole lot of other walkers and runners and bikers.

I took twists and turns and kept pulling my phone out to snap pictures.

Since I am not familiar with the area, I prayed about which road to take when paths offered choices.

And as I returned, I debated a short cut but prayed…and no…felt led to follow the long trail back.

I hiked along and noticed what looked like a room key card along the edge of the path.

Should I pick it up?

I decided yes…I should…and then I felt in my own pocket and realized mine was missing.

I had tucked it in an inner pocket.

And I hoped desperately this was indeed my own card as I slipped it back into that inner pocket with all the other things still intact there…

The circumstances surrounding the possibilities of me dropping it, let alone finding it can not be captured in a way that would make sense to most of you and there is nothing spectacularly supernatural about me losing a hotel key.

Trust me.

It has happened before.


But the whole event, in light of the sermon I happened to be listening to…

the prayers I happened to be praying…

all of it…

whispered to my spirit…

He knows me

He knows where I am

He knows what I need

He knows


Maybe today is a day you need to know so…

Rest assured, dear one….

He knows you

He knows where you are

He knows what you need

He knows <3


Hey you <3

There’s a world of hurt out there today, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Between lunch time and bed time yesterday, I received at least a half dozen prayer requests for hurting hearts.




And for each need, I want desperately to offer words of hope and encouragement.

I want to pray effective prayers — prayers that have an EFFECT on the situation I am praying for.

I want to refresh the weary and mend the broken and yet I, myself, am broken.

So I pray…

Come, Holy Spirit, and fill in the gaps in my own heart…

Come and pour the oil of Joy over the places in me that are mourning this morning…

Come with power and take over me so that all they see is … You

May the Lord heal and anoint each of us to be His Hands and Feet so that we can abundantly minister to the lives we touch in His Name <3




The ultimate reset of Lent <3

I know a lot of the things I write seem to center around being in the car, but since I spend a good portion of each week IN THE CAR…well…that’s where I encounter a lot of God thoughts.

This past week, I was waiting to pull out of a narrow little side street that runs between the north and south bound arteries of the interstate that dissects our town down the middle.

Because of the position of a building on the corner, you have to sneak out pretty close to oncoming traffic to watch for your entry point into the flow.

On this particular day, as I inched out to gain my vantage point, a pickup truck was approaching to make the tight turn into the lane next to me. I could see him fighting his wheel to keep his vehicle between the edge of my car and the far curb.

I immediately felt awful and “in the way” of this driver, as I double checked the position of my car.

Was I too far over on his side?

Had I crept out into the main road beyond what is acceptable?

As I quickly assessed and took on as much blame as is humanly possible for a people-pleaser….complete with hand gestures and mouthed apologies to the driver of the truck, I realized…

most of the problem with his frantic wheel maneuvering seemed to come from the fact that he was trying to steer one handed so he could hold his cell phone up to his ear.

Yes, as he made a left hand turn, his right hand was completely useless for the endeavor to smoothly navigate the corner.

Even though our state passed a little old law a while back about hands free cell phone; this fellow…like a large number of other local motorists…ignore the law and continue to drive distracted.

It is frustrating when you are trying to do the right thing and people who are doing the wrong thing seem to wreak havoc on your day or week…or life.

So as I recovered from feeling guilty that I had somehow caused angst to another human, while also rejoicing that the corner of our car had not been clipped by a truck; I thought how much like life on planet earth this little incident reminded me of.

While I have certainly needed my share of grace for mistakes and for outright rebellion, my heart is set on doing the right thing each day. I rely on prayer and seeking God for choices and decisions, listening to the promptings of His Spirit in me. I make corrections along the way and continue holding my actions up to His standard as I move through the day.

But not everybody does this.

In the course of every single day; I will encounter, in person or through social and informational news, others who are doing what they want…the way they want… according to the basis of the standards they use.

And this is where I find I need to know Jesus most of all.

Because it is, in the way I RESPOND to those who think and live differently than me, that I will reflect who HE IS.

It is my own heart, held before the Lord, that I must focus on even as I live amongst the consequences of the choices made by others.

This coming week we will begin the season of Lent; the 40 days of preparation between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

I encourage each of you to prayerfully ask God how you can set aside some time each day to seek Him in deeper ways.

May God bless you and give you a path of preparation, examination and cleansing that will lead you closer to Him on this narrow road we follow.

I look forward to our journey through the weeks leading up to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday 2017, as we bring our hearts before Him and examine them in light of who HE says we are.

Wide open spaces <3

Yesterday I talked about how the Scriptures are Truth and how Jesus our Lord validated the Old Testament…the Book of the Law.

We live in a world and a culture that not only rebels against the Law, but would rewrite it to suit preferences and desires.

We live in a climate that increasingly celebrates “freedom” from what is considered to be the restrictive, narrow-minded, legalistic, inhibiting-to-our-creativity Laws of God.

And yet.

IF we as followers of Christ believe that His Word is Truth…then we know that we know … that we know…

Obedience to God’s Law does not chain us up…but sets us FREE.

His Word and our obedience to it, lead us into



Spaces <3

So meditate on these word pictures…from the WORD

Your boundary lines mark out pleasant places for me.

Indeed my inheritance is something beautiful. Psalm 16:6  GOD’S WORD Translation


He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. Psalm  18:19 ESV

There are more…many more …. but for today…one more <3

I will run in the paths of your commands…

for you have set my heart free <3     Psalm 119:32    

A quick hello

Tuesday has already gotten away from me…and miles to go before I sleep…

so here’s a quick thought as I neurotically recopy notes from my Bible Study for 2017 out of the pages of my regular journal..

into a separate journal…


if a thing can be over-complicated, I will find the way to do it.

In light of all the “fake news” jokes and lack of trust in media, politicians, leaders and even our various text books over the years, I find this particular bit of information affirming and reassuring.

Jesus Christ, Himself, affirmed the Scriptures as truth …. T.R.U.T.H.

In Luke 16:17, Jesus said….And it is easier for earth and heaven to pass away than for one dot of the Law to become void     ESV

One dot…on little pencil point on top of a letter i, in our language. As insignificant as that might seem if I were able to make a lower case i or j without that dot as I am typing….it cannot be removed.

My study notes point out the following:

*”Jesus confirms that every word of Scripture is given by God, every truth is to be held “inviolable”. That the Scriptures are “indissoluble” and “credible”.  *

inviolable = never to be broken, infringed upon (to actively break the terms of something) or dishonored

indissoluble = unable to be destroyed, lasting

credible = believable, plausible, convincing, persuasive, tenable (able to hold water)

Go ahead…back up and plug those definitions into what Jesus says about the Law..the Scriptures.

May we have ears to hear and hearts to obey.

Blessings on each one of you today as you honor the Word of God with your hearts and minds and lives <3


*NKJV Spirit-Filled Life Bible Jack Hayford/notes by