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Remembering revisited <3

Hey all…I have a haircut before work this morning so…sharing one from the archives <3

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Eat graduation cake…get some weeds pulled…grill something…hug your family…put out some flags.

Thank God for the freedoms you have and for those who fought to keep them for you. We are not a perfect country, but we have much to be thankful for. God has blessed this nation abundantly with resources and people.

So here is today’s repost of one of my favorites:

originally posted May 30, 2016 <3

Remembering <3

Because my dad bled red, white and blue…


patriotism runs deep, and it doesn’t take much to make this military kid shed tears.

Every ball game where teams line the edge of the field or court

every cap that comes off every head in the stadium or arena

every hand over every heart

and I am a puddle of tears.


So tonight as we watched the tribute to those who serve, have served or died serving our country that was held in the nation’s capitol, I had to keep tissues supplied.

A portion of the event featured the songs for each branch of the military as the camera panned the crowd.

Individuals who served stood when their song was played.

I remembered a concert for Veterans Day in 2001 held in Eisenhower High School’s auditorium with a similar tribute.

A very tender Veteran’s Day that year to be sure.


And at that concert..

our daughter was part of the choir and her Grandpa Lochner proudly stood as they sang the song for the United States Air Force…

tears streaming down his face…

my face…

her face…

What can I say?


It’s genetic.

There are many voices and talents far more eloquent than mine who have given lovely and poignant tributes to those who served.

I am so thankful to each one who beautifully expresses our gratitude…

for each one who advocates for the care and healing of veterans and their families and for those who have lost loved ones who gave their lives for our country.

Not just on one day do they deserve our respect and support and prayers, but every day <3



A weed by any other name….

Grass, like hair, seems to grow best in places where we do not want it.

The home we purchased a year and a half ago appeared deceptively low maintenance with all its ornamental rocking around well placed shrubs and perennials.

Since my horticulture skills are in indirect proportion to my ability to attract varmints to our property, I was kind of looking forward to finally having nice landscaping that was labor free.


While we work intentionally to keep the grass in the yard looking nice and healthy by hiring a service to fertilize and nurture it and watering twice weekly; there is random, unwanted grass doing just peachy-keen coming up through the rocks all by its little stubborn green self.

This errant grass is accompanied by a variety of other plant things that look like they are going to bud, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to be there and so I have this dilemma.

I am out there pulling up perfectly good grass that we are paying someone to cultivate just inches away…and I am debating if I am pulling up something that could potentially bloom and look kind of pretty even if it isn’t in the greatest location asceticaly.

And then I heard or read these words of wisdom from someone smarter than me…

A weed is anything that is growing where it shouldn’t.

Suddenly I am freed from the endless debating in my head.

It doesn’t matter what the thing is…

if it doesn’t belong where it has sprouted up…it gets removed.

Makes it simple.

Sure there is still labor and diligence involved, but no more energy wasted wondering if I am doing the right thing.

I can apply this to other areas as well.

Like fear.

Fear has a good place in my life.

It makes me wary when I am walking to the car after dark and there are not many people around.

It helps me set parameters that enhance safety from harm.

But fear that cripples me and keeps me from walking in the fullness of all God intended for my life …. doesn’t belong there.

Just has to come out.

Or competition.

Allowing the work ethic and success of others to spur me on and keep me in the race.

That’s a good thing.

But when competition crops up in the middle of my identity and suddenly what I am not and what I don’t accomplish begins to label me as a failure…it has cropped up in a place it doesn’t belong.

It’s a weed.

Pull it.

There are a million good things God gave us.

But any one of them in the wrong place…weed.

Eliminate it.

Sooner rather than later.

Because if there is one thing my aching back has learned…the earlier you pull a weed…

the better <3


Five Friday Randoms <3

This is currently our view from the driveway and I will just say that I do not mind it one little bit.

It seems like about five minutes ago this gorgeous pink fluff of loveliness nestled in all that green was just a bunch of rhubarb plantish-looking red stems poking up out of the ground.

And the Iris…please…who can not believe there is a God when you look into an Iris?

Which brings me to Randoms #1…


Help me.

The most ordinary flower ever…and so. much. work.

They need dead heading hourly…they are soooo gooey stemmed…their blossoms have a shelf life of like an afternoon.

How could such a common flower be so high maintenance when the Iris and Peony are so amazingly beautiful and I have to do N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to maintain them.

And I think to myself this is a good slogan for my life…

Laura, don’t be a petunia.

Don’t be a common and ordinary appearing specimen of humanity that causes everyone who loves you a large amount of work.

Be an Iris.

Low maintenance…and so remarkable people have to see that God’s hand is all over you and there is no way you could be what you are without His divine touch.

(You may have heard a quiet “amen” from Russ on the low-maintenance wish…)

Random #2…

Currently on social media there is some kind of buzz about something that I have so little interest in, I have not even bothered to google it to figure it out.

That is how much I don’t care.

This is so unusual for me that the fact that I am not doing a search has caught my attention more than the source of my ignorance.

I can tell you that it seems to involve some kind of a recording and a controversy where people are hearing two different words…or names…I guess…but again…don’t care.

I think it is between like hearing Yancy or Yani and then Laurel or Lauren?

And I can’t bring myself to even click the play button to see if I hear this or something else.

So I’m not sure if I am just burned out on googling or social media or what…but I am sitting this one out.

Random #3…

We have a tree that needs to be removed because its roots never went down in the ground.

They are all balled up around the base of the tree and it will die eventually if it doesn’t blow over first.

Grow deep roots people.

Draw life from the deepest places of God and what you can know of Him…

don’t die spiritually please.

Don’t let storms uproot you.

Grow deep.


I love you.

Grow deep roots.

Random #4…

We are going to the grad party for the last one of the Reimer kid graduations from high school.

Our Sam will receive his diploma on Saturday and we will gather to celebrate with all the family.

I was kind of pumped for graduation cake…but found out we are having cookies.

I decided to go anyway

(Just messing with you Sonja… she’s so sweet I am probably going to get a text after publishing this with an apology that we won’t be having cake…<3 )…

but I do kind of love graduation and wedding cake and it is a tradition that seems to be going by the way side.

So I wonder….if we were to sit down and talk face to face…are you ok with this?

Because I personally feel a good white cake with waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much frosting is one of the bakery industry’s best ideas….

however I will take the edge off by partaking of the cookies…no worries…

And finally….

Random #5…

Started the Study Guide for The Storm Inside by Shiela Walsh and looking at the conversation Jesus had with the woman at the well in John 4:4-30.

Sheila asks how Jesus engaged her in conversation and how He continued to pursue her heart.

As I pondered the Scripture and the question, I discovered something new to me about this old familiar story as I wrote out my answer.

So here it is for you…

He asks for a drink. He is very thirsty and needs a drink of water. So He asks for something she has that He doesn’t have. Then He continues to ask questions and provide answers to her questions so that she will ask for what she needs that only He has.

Sometimes in the midst of all my self-sufficiency, Jesus probes into my lack … and it is there I find He is my everything…all my resources are only good for temporary fixes…His work is always eternal <3

Blessings dear ones…have a great weekend…see you Monday <3




Switching gears <3

On Sunday Russ took me for a long bike ride at one of our local parks.

It features a nicely paved trail that extends through wooded areas from our local environmental center out on the edge of town and winds behind some residential areas peeking through the forests and little streams.

Getting exercise and enjoying beautiful scenery as I followed this guy…

through new territory was good exercise for my heart, mind and soul.

At one point I spotted this mommy…

We made eye contact and although her two fawns were just a short distance from her, she  must have decided the only thing I was going to shoot was a picture because she just went right back to her afternoon snack.

It was a gentle gift from God to this mom on Mother’s Day and I received it.

I also received a little message from Him as we made our way on terrain that was much more up and down than the flat farmlands Russ and I usually travel on around our neighborhood.

Now if you live in a mountainous area, you might find our definition of “hills” as quite humorous but…

to put it in biking language…I can ride ten miles around our area in 3rd gear, level 5 and never have to shift.

However, on Sunday as we went up and down a variety of hills surrounding the river that runs through that part of town…I was shifting a’plenty.

With four levers to choose from, two on each handle bar and the intensities transposed…so that high is the low one my left and the high one on my right…and being slightly dyslexic and forgetful…I had to remind myself of what the guy who sold me the bike told me.

He said…don’t worry about remembering.

Just switch gears…if you chose the wrong one you will know right away and you can just click the other lever twice and you will correct your mistake.

This was a great relief to me as I tend to become OCD and have strong tendencies to never, ever, ever make a mistake…dangerous combo…trust me.

It takes a lot of the panic out of learning something new if I can remember this universal lesson…I may choose the wrong gear but if I do, I can just correct my error and keep going.

Changes in life are inevitable and we are constantly climbing new hills and coasting down into unfamiliar valleys.

As May unfolds there are graduations from various levels of schooling, there are weddings being celebrated and babies being born.

There are funerals and vacations and interruptions to the flow of what we thought would be.

These events go on year round and season by season and all of these additions and losses to our family and to our life mean change.

And some of us don’t want to make a mistake as we navigate the hills and valleys so we can stress out trying to make sure we know exactly how to roll in to and out of all the changes smoothly.

But we won’t know..and we are just going to have to pick a gear knowing if we did it wrong…it’s a simple correction to a different one until we find the one that will get us and those we love safely through the journey <3



Some Wednesday thoughts…

As I read through the Chronological Bible, I am in 1 Kings today and maybe it’s just me but I think God packed soooooo much into the passages around Elijah and Ahab’s story.

So much that I took down a list of notes that I think are going to percolate into a series…and I have another series kind brewing as well.

Did you catch all those coffee puns and the pic? Yep…I did that on purpose.

Because it’s fun and fun is good as Dr. Seuss would say.

And with all those thoughts swirling around, I am looking for something to share today before I kick in to gear and do a few house things and then head to work.

I saw this in the graduation merchandise at Target last weekend and it has got me stumped as to the message being sent.

What are we saying here to the male population?

As a mother of a son and a grandmother to three boys, I am kind of hoping they have a shot at being effective and relevant and change-agents in the days ahead.

I am not offended by it, just confused.

Why do we as humans tend to respond to overcoming oppression by becoming oppressive?

When some group feels pushed down and finally is able to gather enough strength to have a voice, they use it to shout down some other “group”…what is that?

Rallying behind a cause, we lose sight of the individuals around  us. We can develop a mob mentality instead of dealing one on one with the real people right in front of us.

Labels are assigned to anyone of a certain color, gender or creed.

Presumed defenses and offenses hang like a red flag in the face of a raging bull and we forget the fact that each person is just an individual with flaws, struggles and ignorance…just like us.

And then there is the whole concept of the future, because while we can certainly make choices that will reap future consequences…the “future” is really not in our hands at all.

We can make plans and plot the course, but none of us knows a single thing about what tomorrow will bring.

So, I guess for me…and my house…

The future is God’s…and His alone <3