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Redefining blessings <3

Hello and happy Thursday!

We have officially had our first full year in our new home.

We pinched ourselves several times this holiday season looking back over where we were a year ago and how everything fell into place.

Sure we worked like war horses all through the fall to get our house ready to sell and purging and setting up home inspections and bank arrangements. But it all went super smoothly right down to our other house selling quickly and both closings within a few days of each other.

Now before you think how you wish stuff worked like that for you, perhaps you didn’t know us back when we moved into our last home.

Back when we moved right after Christmas and our other house didn’t sell. Not even an offer.

For three years.

Back when we went through several realtors and two sets of renters and I started subbing after years of being a stay-home mom.

Back when we wiped out our savings and shoveled two driveways the first winter without a renter and it snowed a ton every other week.

Back when I began to think that maybe we would always have two houses and we wondered if we had made the biggest mistake ever.

And I can tell you having been through two very different moves that while the second was a piece of cake and we tout it as a blessing as we thank God for answered prayers, the first was no less a blessing.

We can trace much spiritual growth to those years.

We drew closer as a family and learned about what really mattered most of all.

We found out that our provision and security were in something greater than a bank.

We learned that He can be trusted and that He is Sovereign and that His timing is always, always perfect in all ways.

God showed up in amazing ways, some we couldn’t see during the harder days mind you. But looking back, His fingerprints are all over those years.

Oh I am thankful for the easy times, make no mistake. And we can definitely raise the roof with the best of them when God does a suddenly.

But He is no less faithful, no less kind, no less loving and caring and near in the darkest and hardest of times.

Whatever your season, my friends, I pray you know His Presence in real and powerful ways through each and every step.

I pray you, like us, are finding love and support within the Body of Christ and if you are high-fiving Jesus these days or on your knees crying for mercy….I pray you are knowing His tangible touch in every moment.

I pray for you to learn all you can about Him in all the seasons and that you cling to Him as desperately in the easy times as the hard.

There is no other way to fully live than this.


As a special treat tomorrow on the blog we have a guest blogger who has some further words of encouragement to share.¬†You won’t want to miss it <3


A Valentine’s Re-post…and re-freshed from 2014 <3

Ahhhhh……Valentine’s Day…and I am at a loss what to write you sweet people who are in all kinds of stages of life right now.

So I looked back at some old Valentine posts and discovered this one from 2014 that maybe someone needs to hear today…

VaLeNtInE’s DaY….

The holiday that is so great because you do not have to decorate your house and chocolate is just expected to be on the menu somewhere during the day.

Does anyone remember making a “mail box” of construction paper and taping it to your school desk back in the day when we didn’t send greetings by our Facebook and Twitter?

My mom would buy me a box of those Valentine cards and sit me at the table with my class list.

I carefully selected one for each of my classmates and scribbled their name in pencil on the little white envelope.

It was such fun delivering them around the room.

Until the year when kids’ moms quit monitoring the list, or kids chose to discard a few from their stash.

I learned the first lessons of rejection watching my desk get passed over by classmates to whom I had delivered my own offering of a cartoon greeting, complete with matching pun.

That was back in the day when political correctness and self esteem took a back seat to character training by fire.

No teacher interceded.

You lived with the Valentines you were dealt.

As you get older, you learn, everybody isn’t your “friend” and cliques form early.

For a second child/baby of the family/everything I did was adorable girl…this was a sting of reality that I found most unsettling.

As in, WHATTTTT???? Not everyone loves me? ME????

And thus began my launch into all sorts of behavior patterns of people pleasing, rejection angst, and psycho babble that we all encounter in life and react to in various ways.

As a Christian, I always knew God loved me.

But sadly for much of my life, I used that as a fall back.

Like it was a consolation prize.

So I didn’t get a Valentine from you, at least God loves me.

So I didn’t get asked to your party, at least God loves me.

So you rejected my attempts to start a friendship, at least God loves me.

This opened the door to a protective shell that often expressed itself in cynical and critical thought patterns.

The worst part of this rotten mind set is that when I WAS included, when my Valentine mail box WAS full; well, that was all I needed.

God’s love took second place.

Until the next hurt feeling rolled in.

But thanks be to God, there is a maturing in the walk of faith!

Slowly and surely, God has gotten through this blonde brain and battered heart to show me that I had it backwards.

He is teaching me that if I will let Him fill my “Valentine mailbox” with His love FIRST, then all the other love that is extended to me is just overflowing blessing.

How about making a special effort today to put out a beautiful heart on the desk of your life for God to fill with His love?

It does not compare with any other gift of love, because His love alone will not only fill your heart, but change it, forever.

As we are filled full with His love first, we can finally fulfill His command to love one another.

Happy Valentines Day! I do love you – and I am thanking God for each one of you!

Now let’s eat some chocolate!