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When the first of the month falls on a Wednesday….

First of the month; which means book review day. 

Wednesday; which is usually a random’s day. 

So meet the blending of those two, starting with what I read this month.


In May I finished only two books and they blended so well together. I want to share a little more detail with you tomorrow, but here a few comments on them for today. 

Humility” by Andrew Murray was so rich. All the books I have ever read by him are filled with Scripture and application and exhortation. His “With Christ in the School of Prayer” and “The Ministry of Intercession” are ones I read over and over to encourage and grow my prayer life. 

I was gifted the “Praying Circles Around your Marriage” book. I read “The Circle Maker” years ago and have read a couple of spinoffs and was not sure if this was going to be the same, but it isn’t.

Nothing against “The Circle Maker” and other books that followed by Mark Batterson. He has written good books, but after the first one and then reading a couple more I felt I was just reading the same thing in a different format. 

However, this book is written by Joel and Nina Schmidgall and is a fresh voice. They do not overuse the circles concept, but instead fill in great ideas that are practical and helpful whatever stage and age your marriage is in. They give personal examples of real life marriage and I found it encouraging and challenging.

I do recommend this book. I think it would be good to read as a couple or for small groups. Singles in the group would benefit if they plan to be married some day as well; or if they just want to have a clear view of growing in your marriage and your faith for friends and family who are married. 

More on both tomorrow. 


So have you seen or heard of these crazy water balls?

Caroline would talk about them after preschool and said they were her favorite table activity so, of course, I googled away and found them on Amazon. I read a tutorial on them. 

They come in a tiny dehydrated bead form. After soaking 24-36 hours, they are these bubble balls. The beads are non-toxic (but don’t eat them!!) for ages three and up. Kids can spoon them into bowls, move them with their hands (carefully as they can break of course) and sort into cups and trays. 

After playing with them, you set them on a cookie sheet to dehydrate. Store back in airtight container and rehydrate another time. They do recommend checking for signs of mold when rehydrating and pitch any that have it. 

I am hydrating a batch for tomorrow…will let you know how that pans out. Pun intended. 

Which brings me to treasure chests of ideas for summer and then…


This meme just cracks me up. I shared on Instagram and I guess I should have included all the moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers.

Enough said.

Hope it made you laugh. 

Speaking of laughing. 


Last weekend I wore a white shirt to all the activities we would be facing for the soccer tournament and such. 

It was bold move as I was drinking coffee from a thermos cup on the way, spending time with four children, and just living in a white shirt and remaining free of spots is a gamble for me. I did have a tiny dot from a bug encounter that washed right out, but even after eating Italian that night, I was still spot free. 

While Russ was paying the bill, I snapped this picture and sent it to the family. Wins have got to be celebrated, no matter how small.

And yes, it appears I have a wee bit of something in one of my teeth so….

Oh pride…thou goest before the fall. 

The next morning, before we headed into another full day, I donned a pair of white shorts with confidence and headed off to breakfast. My first bite of avocado toast yielded dripping yellow egg yolk onto the cuff of said shorts. 

I scrubbed it vigorously with a paper towel in the restroom which only enhanced the stain. 


It was a good laugh for all of us since I had been all braggy just hours before. If you can’t laugh, what’s the point, right?

And last of all….


These two honyockers are on the same team this year. 

After years of attending a gazillion games, girlfriend has a uniform, a glove and a bat and she is not afraid to use them. 

They had their first game last night and afterwards I asked them to stop for a picture.

Joel immediately gets his glove and poses. She followed suit, of course, because that is what she does. 

I can’t stop laughing and I also feel this may be worth something some day as a kind of “rookie” card. I may have to photo shop the garbage can out, but technology is a wonderful thing.

They are something else. 

Hope I made you smile with at least one of these stories. 

Have a happy Wednesday! 

Go do something random and then tell someone about it <3

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