When wisdom comes from out of the Blue-y <3


Hello friends and happy Friday!

It has been a full week and as I had planned a post in my head, time has not been my friend to get it down and do it justice. So I am shelving it for now and I almost didn’t post. 

However; as always, I prayed my way around the morning and asked God if there was anything to leave for you to find. 

As I put the last layer of spray on my hair, I got a nudge so I am sharing something I heard that was so sweetly profound, I am passing along to you today. 

If you are unfamiliar with Bluey, this is a cartoon from Australia that centers around the home, family and friends of a family of dogs that are a mix of Blue and Red Heelers. 

The seven minute episodes are full of good natured family fun and snippets of wisdom, along with generous amounts of humor that parents who are in the trenches (and grandparents who have climbed back in or simply well remember) can relate to. 

Our grands get to watch them far more often than I do, so when I request it, I have to earn it by watching two episodes of Alvin and the Chipmunks or Dude Perfect. Totally worth it. 

Yesterday we watched one I hadn’t seen called Mount Mumandad. 

The story opened with the family tumbling into the house after a long day at a local amusement park. Mum and Dad (spoiler alert….now you understand the name) collapsed in a heap, on the floor and couch, forming an incline. 

The two daughters were told they could play quietly for a few minutes before their own bedtime. Since the bodies of the parents formed a kind bumpy slope, Bluey suggested they “hike” Mount Mumandad. “The first one to the top wins!!!”

Bluey’s younger sister, Bingo, created all kinds of interruptions and challenges as Bluey led the way up, scaling her parents seemingly resting figures. The dad created his own additions to the plan with storms of tremors and snoring. 

Both girls had flags to plant on the top of the mountain, which was dad’s snoring head. Bingo, being smaller, was easy to leave behind as the climb continued, but somewhere along the way, Bluey was faced with the reality that the goal of winning had robbed her of just playing with and enjoying her companion. 

While waiting out the storm in a little tent Bingo had brought along, Bluey realized her error and softened. As they finished their ascent, no longer quibbling or trying to beat the other, but working as a team, Chilli, the mom, narrates a beautiful truth. 

When scaling the mountain, you do not climb by trying to race ahead on your own and beating your commrade. You must do it slowly and carefully with unselfish teamwork. (rough paraphrase of mom’s message <3)

As she speaks, we see Bluey starting to plant her flag and then tossing it away as she watches her little sister stick her suction cup based flag firmly on the top of dad’s head.

What a powerful message for children and for all of us. 

It is not the fastest or the strongest that wins in the end. It is the ones who link arms with others; perhaps others who are slower or weaker, and reach the summit together. 

These are truly the victors in life <3

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