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A little trip down memory lane to a quiet spot on the Journey that I am missing lately <3

Maybe it was walking through a cemetery on Memorial Day. Maybe it’s the passage of another round of birthdays for the two oldest in the band of brothers, which will be followed in short order by our Sweet Caroline turning seven in a few weeks. Maybe it was another Mother’s Day where we didn’t buy…
Musings of a blonde brain


Yesterday we went to Springfield to watch the high school baseball team of the area we now call home play for the chance to go to state. It was absolutely a perfect day in May for central Illinois. Warm and sunny, no humidity (gasp! Unheard of here!) and a breeze that kept things from getting…
Musings of a blonde brain

That time between <3

Well, it is another busy week around here as summer sports collide with end of year concerts and such. They call it “Maycember” now and I can’t think of a more accurate depiction.  I remember our own roller coaster experiences of the end of school year/beginning of summer and it hasn’t gotten any easier.  This…