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Word nerd alert….

Word nerd alert….

Well, today is going to be fun.  As I sat down to look at Chapter 15 of the gospel of John, I had in mind that I was going to be chatting about vines and branches and pruning and such. However; on an earlier read through some while back, I apparently was taken by the…

True love in action

For starters, I do want you to know that I took my own message to heart yesterday. And when my heart was “troubled” by whatever thoughts might come along, I made a conscious decision to tell it to not be troubled.  I also just flipped my perpetual calendar over and the verse was from 2…

Big House

This morning I am nearing the end of the gospel of John in my annual read through of Scripture.  I will say, and if you have ever read through the entire Bible you know this to be true, there are portions…many portions that are slower to read and some are hard to navigate. But there…
Musings of a blonde brain

Friday Thought$

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you all are enjoying this gentle transition into autumn here in the Midwest. I know other parts of the country may be having different stories, but we are experiencing slightly warm days, cool nights and even some much needed rain.  The farmers who are out in the fields may…
Refined by the Word

Sharing a summary of one of the best sermons I have ever heard <3

My Bible reading on Thursday included the story of the Good Samaritan. This familiar story I have read, studied and heard numerous sermons and teachings on over the years will no longer be the same to me. On August 20th this year one of our young pastors, Adam Hamerlinck, spoke on this passage in a…