Daily bread is a real thing….<3


I haven’t checked in with you all for a while on the annual read through of the Bible. 

I know there are many takes on reading through the entire Bible in a year, and I totally understand that it can become rote reading just to get your passages in. I understand the value of doing more in depth reading and study of smaller portions, but I also believe there is great value to reading the entirety of Scripture and I can’t think of a simpler and easier way to do it and stick with it than just reading a small portion every day of an entire year. 

A lot of years. 

And yes, read more than that. But at least do that and I will give you a practical reason. If the Bible is the food of our spirit, think about your food for your body. 


You eat every day to keep alive.

98% of your meals are ordinary and basically the same.

Maybe you are a cereal and toast for breakfast guy. Sure a couple times a year you go out for the Grand Slam special but what sustains you every day is a nondescript bowl of grains and a slice of bread with butter and maybe some jam. 

You couldn’t necessarily tell us which cereal you ate last week on Thursday, but you are alive today because you continued to fuel your body with what sustains it. 

And most days I guarantee you will find some little treasure you never discovered before in reading the text of Scripture.

courtesy of a wise farmer friend and his lovely wife <3

And so I am going to share a nugget gleaned from my time in the Word this morning…just to whet your appetite to either start reading daily or continue on in it as the year unfolds into it’s second half as of midnight.

I happen to be in Isaiah and I am pretty much on track with an average of 5 pages a day since I got a little behind last week. 

In a portion with the subheading God’s Wonderful Advice, I found this little tidbit that speaks to the Midwestern heart that beats in me. 

Listen and hear My voice, pay attention and hear what I say.

Isaiah 28:1

Right off the bat, this jumped out at me because if ever on earth we needed God’s wisdom, it is right now. 

So with attentive ears, I read on to find a series of questions fit for a farmer. 

Does the plowman plow every day to plant seed?

Does he continuously break up and cultivate the soil?

Isaiah 28: 24

Well, of course not. 


Around here we have recently watched the fields get turned over and planted. Then they were rained out in portions and replanted. But now we do not see farmers out with planters in their fields. 

The crops we pass on the daily are pretty much growing right before our eyes and we see farmers mowing the areas around the fields, or out checking progress on foot, but it would be downright foolish to take a planter out in the middle of the rows of corn and soy beans right now. 

And farmers are not foolish. 

Verse 25 goes on to detail how agriculture worked in the time of Isaiah’s writing and while it sounds very different than our modern techniques, I think we can make the connection.

When he has leveled its surface, does he not then scatter black cumin and sow cumin? He plants wheat in rows and barley in plots, with spelt as their border. 

Isaiah 28: 25

Like the fields here in the Midwest, the farmer knew how each crop grew best and how to place them on the land in a way to bring about abundant harvest. 

But Isaiah reminds us of why the wise farmer knows this:

His God teaches him order; he instructs him. 

Isaiah 28: 26

The rest of the passage talks about the various ways things are harvested and processed – each one unique depending on the variety of plant.

It would be unwise to harvest the corn in the same manner as the soy bean. Even a city slicker can figure that out.

God has given knowledge through technology and the development of machinery suited to all the steps from planting to extracting the necessary elements for use in industry. 

Isaiah ends with the reason all of this matters to us who are not farmers or in ag business.


This also come from the LORD of Armies, He gives wondrous advice; He gives great wisdom. 

Isaiah 28:29

So Isaiah is pointing to something we can all see with our eyes and understand by pointing to the fields that provide the food we eat to nourish our bodies.

There is an order to sowing, tending and harvesting. There is an order to how food is processed for consumption. 

And this order comes not from the Department of Agriculture or the halls of the Ag Business unit of the local university. 

This order comes from God who gives great wisdom and wondrous advice and counsel to all of us in every single area of our lives. 


In our business world and our homes, in our relationships and our finances, in government and church life…every single area of our lives has the potential to be guided by godly wisdom and instruction if we would just seek God as our teacher and leader and counselor. 

If you are blessed to live near a field planted with rows of something today, may I suggest you pause and observe the neat rows and the spacing of each plant and prayerfully ask God to order your thoughts according to His wisdom today? 


It will do the world a world of good if you would seek His counsel in all your sowing, tending and reaping…trust Him <3

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Doing a new thing – monthly resolution report June <3


Here we are wrapping up what was June 2020. 

I don’t even know where to start. 

In January I set about to do a monthly improve a habit goal…

Kaloupek Counseling LLC

but that pretty much got eaten up by March, April, May and then June as we hunkered down and opened up and all that has transpired. It is making this popular facebook meme make me laugh in that way that is almost like close to a melt down into tears…

meme nation facebook page

So I am touching on some highlights and such as we wrap up the first half of 2020 and I try to regroup and refocus for July and the rest of summer. 


First, tomorrow is a landmark day in our home as we celebrate 39 years of Russ’s work with the same company. It is remarkably unheard of these days and I can tell you that he did it with integrity and perseverance. He never sacrificed our family nor did he short change his responsibilities to the company. 

He showed up at home and left work back at the office. He showed up at work and left home for me to tend. If he traveled, he used the least amount of time away from us and his desk at the expense of lost sleep. 

I didn’t know how he would adjust to working from home, but like everything else he does, he did it well and without drama. The only change in routine was donning shorts instead of dress pants and now they are sending them back in shifts, so he and I will adjust yet again. 

He is the constant to my roller coaster and an inspiration to me for work ethic, dependability, diligence and character. 


Second, I seem to use the word “irony” a lot lately as I observe the goings on and words and actions of my fellow humans in all walks of life and levels of prosperity, authority, power and influence. 

When I use a word a lot, I tend to want to look it up and make sure I have selected the right word. 

I found in a reference from Oxford Languages this definition:

A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy (oh yeah…I can see I was on the right track here…), by which the full significance of a character’s words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character. 

So if you are like me and listening and watching all that is going on these days and you are scratching your head trying to figure out what the heck is going on…irony…there is a lot of irony right now so just continue to observe, listen, discern, pray and speak only when you know your words are wise, needed and anointed. 


Last of all, our “baby” turns 30 this week. 


I remember turning thirty like it was yesterday. 

In my heart, he is still that little guy that lit up my day with a smile and some funny expression that we all took up as a standard quote for the family. He is still going to bound through that door any minute with some heart-stopping announcement like the summer his friends discovered firecrackers and he came running in shouting, “Mom!!! I need something to blow up!!!”

Oh may he be forever young and blessed back a hundred zillion fold for the blessing he has been to us <3 

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Up the Lazy River….or down it…or however you move on water <3


Good morning friends! 

We had a lovely canoe trip on the Meramec River yesterday courtesy of our daughter Sarah. She offered Russ a father and daughter trip for his birthday/Father’s Day or we could do a family deal. 

He opted to open it up to the second option and I am so thankful.


It was just what we needed. The river was kind except at one tricky point that ended up upending our hostess team’s boat and we barely made it through unscathed, but all good fun and the beauty of God’s creation and blessed quiet of just nature sounds around us for the most part was lovely. 

A welcome break from the Covid restrictions although we still masked for the bus ride portion…


There was one rather unsettling spot in our day. The river is shared by canoes, kayaks and motorboats. While most of the faster boats slowed down a bit when passing us lesser creatures, some did not. 

We could hear them coming and would get off to the side and lay low as much as possible.At one point we had just passed a docking area where other canoes and kayaks were being prepared for takeoff after a lunch break when we heard the roar of a motor foreboding one of the ones that doesn’t slow down. 

He passed with water spraying and as we rocked in the waves he left, we heard the beginnings of a colorful outburst behind us. A family who had been loading up apparently capsized and we can only imagine lost something valuable in the process. 

Whatever happened the father began screaming the foulest outbursts of his frustration and anger. Voices carry down the corridor of the rock cliffs even when just laughter or conversation. So for quite some time we were assailed with his tirade. 

Never mind that the perpetrator never knew what he had done. Never mind that the only ones to endure his wrath were slow moving and vulnerable boaters like himself. 

Anger is like that. 

It is often vented on the innocent around us. 

I am as guilty as any one of blowing my top with a stream of ugly words and spewing them all over someone who had nothing to do with the insult that led to my injury. 

We are living in angry and frustrating times.  

The turmoil around us can create a pressure cooker for the regular every day junk that eats away at us here on planet earth. 

As followers of Christ, part of the greatest witness we can have as to the transformation He has made is us is to exhibit the way He has delivered us from rage, foul tempers, violent outbursts and even snarky sarcasm. 

It’s not easy to keep our cool when things are heating up, but with Christ we can do all things.


Blessed are the peacemakers and truly silence is golden at times…just saying…


see you tomorrow and ….bless you <3

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