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Thursday thoughts (or how I totally failed at coming up with a title for this…)


On Monday I went to my regular exercise class, but we had a sub.

As we did a gazillion squats and leg lifts at the barre, the teacher mentioned that we would most likely wake up with bad thoughts of him due to the extreme pain in our muscles.

I was way ahead of schedule on the bad thoughts about him idea.

Then he said…

“But you will thank me because when the hurt goes away, you will be stronger.”


Truth in exercise and truth in life on planet earth.

With one major difference.


I have lived through some life hurts.

And those don’t always go away in the same manner as muscle soreness eventually passing.

Living through painful life circumstances makes us stronger in a different way.

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We become stronger by…

<3 going on in spite of the pain

<3 serving out of our brokeness

<3 forgiving…even if our offender never asks for forgiveness

<3 holding tighter to our faith than our grief

I love how Oswald Chambers puts it:

We never realize at the time what God is putting us through— we go through it more or less without understanding. Then suddenly we come to a place of enlightenment, and realize— “God has strengthened me and I didn’t even know it!”

My Utmost for His Highest


Whatever you are going through, press on with all that you have within you, calling on God for His strength and insight, His comfort and His healing.

Know and be reassured today, you are not alone. He is with you every step and He will bring you through…stronger and more beautifully shaped in the image of His Son.

God bless you today <3

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