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Wednesday randomness and such <3

Happy Wednesday…happy Cinco de Mayo…happy halfway through the week.

Seems like a good day for some randoms, so here we go:

Random #1

I googled Cinco de Mayo since I am pretty sure it is more than just an opportunity for all of us to eat Mexican food and be thankful for yet another celebration day that doesn’t require appropriate decorations and purchasing gifts. 

My search taught me that it is, in reality a minor holiday in Mexico as it commemorates a victory in only one battle, not the entire winning of independence for this country. 

It is more widely celebrated in the U.S. because it is an opportunity for our hispanic communities to celebrate their heritage. So enjoy some good Mexican food and music and be thankful for the diversity around us. 

And yes, I just googled the difference between “nation” and “country” to make sure I was using the correct term. So that is the level of google-nerd you are dealing with here on the Journey.

Proceed to random #2 at your own risk. 

Random #2

Mother’s Day is a mixed bag and I say that every year. 

My own mother was convinced that it was an opportunistic holiday perpetuated by card companies to play on our emotions and get us to spend our hard earned money on something that would end up in the trash.

Which is ironic because she never threw a piece of paper away in her life as we could tell when we had to clean out their house…but I digress.

She did receive all the love we could lavish on her in spite of her cynical views and I think that is what we forget about Mother’s Day. 

Yes, it is a sharp thorn to those who long to be a mom or long to have a good relationship with a mom or have just lost their mom….recently or years ago. 

But let’s turn it a little bit and downsize our expectations. 

Maybe we can make some space that doesn’t involve checking in on how everyone is celebrating the day and just be in our own place of either joy, grief, remembering, hoping, forgiving, healing, thanking, or all of the above…whatever it looks like to you. 

If the posts of social media hurt, don’t scroll that day. Be present in what you do have and find the loving hand of God who provides all that you think you are missing out on. 

If you are filled with the moment of motherhood, rest quietly in the fullness of your joy. Post away but don’t go back and count the likes, just post out of the overflow of your heart and pray it is a blessing to others and not a tripping stone for them. 

Remember that you are not missing out on anything that God didn’t intend for you to have. Don’t compare what your family did to honor you with anyone else…live in gratitude for what is your assigned territory and fully embrace it. 

Random #3

I am reading in 2 Kings and have mercy…have mercy….have mercy. 

What a mess again. 

There are just a few shining moments of Kings who did right in the eyes of the Lord and yet…there is this “however”…where they failed to take down some of this or that of the idolatry of the nation. 

It is amazing to see how some awful King will just do the worst of the worst and yet, when he repents, God forgives. 

What a word for us in a world run amok. 

I can get discouraged on the daily as I move about 2021 on planet Earth. So much doesn’t line up or make sense, so reading about similar periods throughout the history of God’s people gives me hope and encouragement that God is faithful even when we/our leaders/entire populations…are not. 

THAT is something to celebrate! 

Random #4

I set aside my stack of reading for a little book club I am in. They are reading “The Path Between Us” by Suzanne Stabile. 

If you are at all interested in the Enneagram discussions, I highly recommend this as it not only helped me understand me a little better, it gives great insight into others and how our wirings can work together. 

I did something that is so novel (pun intended) for me…and borrowed a copy from the local library. 

Since I like to mark up my books, I went out on a limb here and attempted to not add to our already overflowing shelves. It was a wise move. 

While the book is good and helpful, the information I need to be reminded of is available on the internet from various articles so if you are interested in reading this one, you might be able to just borrow it like I did. 

Random #5

I am fully vaccinated as of Monday. 

I am also unconvinced that I am now made of titanium and, thus, invincible. 

For the record, I followed the advice of people I trust and did what seemed the wisest thing to protect myself from contracting serious side effects of Covid that would cause my family heartache. 

I also wear my seatbelt, get regular checkups and floss my teeth daily but I know that doesn’t insure me against injury in a car accident, being diagnosed with something fatal or gum disease….they are just steps that are proactive towards better health options. 

Contrary to the enticing thought that by being vaccinated, I will be free…I rejoice that I am already free.

Because the one thing I will always count on as solid and a 100% guarantee is that what Christ has set free, is free indeed…and that would be me <3

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Speaking of pumpkins…

In my genetics runs a deep thread of people who love their stories. We never start one by asking you to stop us if we have told you before. 

It is in the telling and retelling that the memory is celebrated and enjoyed, and so today I pass along a story that I have shared before in this space and basically with every person I have ever conversed with regarding pumpkins…

thus, if I have told you before, I don’t care.

You can just exit and move along with your day. 

Matters not one iota, so don’t mind me as I travel back down memory lane to a spring day when our third born bundle of boy came home from school with a handful of pumpkin seeds and some chatter about how his teacher passed them out to the class to take home and plant. Or he had asked for them…or who knows…that part of the story is muddled in my mind.

Too many years and too many stories with this one…

Fine, fine, I said as I half heard him and carried on with whatever chore I was working on that afternoon. 

Time passed along and one day, I couldn’t not hear him as he called out with great enthusiasm that they had sprouted up. 

I wondered exactly what had sprouted, as I came bidden to our front porch and he pointed to some green leaves poking up through the mulch right by the steps.

His pumpkins were bursting forth and he was just thrilled. 

Bless his little heart….I thought…I was sure they were weeds because, oh me of little faith…I couldn’t imagine that pumpkin seeds from last fall could grow amongst the shrubs and holly plants that lived along the base of the front of our house. 

I prayed he wouldn’t be too disappointed when nothing happened further, but…lo and behold…God was the one sitting back with glee cheering the pumpkins and that blessed child of ours onward.

Because as summer beat down with sun and the confounded humidity of the midwest, the seedling began to spread out as vines and big and then bigger leaves. 

I became a believer and began to train those unruly vines to behave themselves and spread out the length of our landscaping. 

We laughed with delight as the blossoms appeared and then small green globes that grew into the happiest pumpkins ever. I want to say we harvested three or four that fall and it is one of my most treasured and favorite memories among the thousands stored up in my heart. 

Somewhere in the boxes of this house I have print photographs of the progress of his impromptu pumpkin patch, but I do not need a processed picture of the little blonde haired boy who grew them. 

That is stamped in living in color on my heart and mind to this day.

God bless the seeds we planted…may they bring a harvest worthy of Him who gives us all we need and more than we could ask for <3

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April Showers bring…a look back over last month and glimpse ahead <3

April showers do bring….

May flowers…this is true.

It is also true that time flies when you are having fun so I thought I would recap April by going through my phone and nabbing a few photos I don’t think I shared on here.

April held Easter and I know I shared a few…but oh well…

It was so very nice to be together this year and we treasured all the moments and even got our brand of “generation” pic taken…

Before the actual day we colored some eggs…which I think is like the funnest thing ever…

taste tested the Hot Tamale peeps…with favorable reviews…

We left from there for that mini vacation in the Ozarks, which was amazing and restful and wonderful.

We even golfed…well…one of us did and one of us…

Russ has acclimated well to retirement and is the flavor of the day, every day…

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit “To infinity and beyond”…

Every now and again I get in a picture…

and we have been enjoying some games with …

and the newest little Pele in the family…

and since I don’t seem to have an April sports pic with the middle one…

here’s one of my sous chef…

In other news, I waved the white flag of surrender on this last puzzle of winter…it was painful but I boxed it up unfinished.

It overworked every perfectionist muscle in my body and soul not to complete it and the shame threatened to overtake me, but then I dusted the dining room table for the first time in forever and I got over it.

Looking forward to this new month…

we are starting to plant and plan for the summer flowers and patio time and this year we got crazy and planted some pumpkin seeds we had the kids save last October.

Stay. Tuned.

So far the rabbits don’t seem to care about them…please don’t tell them I said that. They seem to love a challenge.

I am also concerned our little possum homesteader may feast on them once they come in…but we shall see.

Come back tomorrow for a fun pumpkin plant story and have a happy Monday <3

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