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How deep the Father’s love <3

Last weekend, both of the older grandsons had soccer tournaments in the area. Since their daddy was working and it was pouring off and on both days, we helped with whoever was not kicking a ball around puddles at any given moment. 

The result was that they were at our house most of the weekend and would often articulate as we gathered around the table to eat that they wished their dad could be there. 

On Sunday we were finishing up our last meal together and Zach happened to call. The boys were excused by then, so as Rachel visited with him clearing up any questions and details about the day, Caroline sat next to her mom saying (as most children do when a parent is on the phone), “I want to tell my daddy something!” .. on a loop. 

Zach was still at work, so Rachel asked if he had a minute to hear what Caroline wanted to tell him. He must have said yes, because she flipped to speaker and he greeted her. 

Having waited patiently she burst out with her urgent message, “Daddy, I picked some dandelions.”

There was just the briefest pause as this dad, who is at work and probably kind of busy with that, took in this piece of information and then he responded with how that was so nice and he bet they were pretty and he wished he could see them. She told him she planned to bring them home and he said he was looking forward to that and they said good-bye. 

Rachel and I just laughed.

We thought she had some urgent message for him or a question. We didn’t expect her to want to tell her dad about the half dozen wilted dandelions with barely a stem left on any of them after she harvested them from the yard. They were currently floating in a small custard cup and far past their beauty and prime. 

But they mattered to her.

And because they mattered to her, they mattered to her dad.

Your Father is like that, you know. 

He delights in you telling Him the littlest joys, the greatest sorrows, the most perplexing questions, the deepest cries, the silliest laughs. 

Talk to Him. 

He is not too busy to hear what is on your mind and heart. 

Blessings my friends. 

You are loved. 

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Some Wednesday Randomness because it’s been a while

First off, I miss this peony bush terribly. It didn’t make it through one of the rough winters a few years ago and the bare spot makes me sad so we may need to fix that this year and try planting a new one.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the brief, but glorious Iris blooms to come along…sigh…spring.

Do you say “PEE-o’knee” or “pee-OH-knee” or … the totally enigmatic pronunciation that we encountered here in Central Illinois …”PIE-knee?”


That took way longer to type out than I anticipated…we may have to forsake a random or two in the interest of time.

Second, I met Emily Thomas at my first Declare Conference several years ago. She is hilarious and sweet and slightly sarcastic, but in a good and playful way.

She has a podcast “Mom Struggling Well” that has added some other hostesses recently.

They discuss a variety of topics related to the life of moms and homes and such these days and I highly recommend it.

Here is the website link to get you headed in the right direction: or you can find her on Instagram under … of all things “momstrugglingwell”

Recently she had a post on Instagram that hit home with me as a tool we all could use.

She was referencing something she and her husband use when a topic is still hot and maybe too close to the surface to discuss rationally.

I think we all can relate – sometimes our feelings are too raw and we start in with dialogue that isn’t filtered.

Whether with a spouse, child, co-worker, dear friend…whatever…and the ensuing conversation ends up causing even more damage.

So she and her husband use a phrase…”ope…too fresh”

I have actually been applying this to my own thoughts as I sometimes try to sort through something that has happened.

In certain situations, stewing over an offense or upset or trigger comment can cause me to go into a tailspin of negative thinking.

A quick reminder that the initial injury may be too recent to be thought through in a calm and reasonable way is beneficial.

Giving myself time to let it settle a little by simply reminding myself…ope, too fresh…makes me smile and gives me needed space to process later with some rest and healthy distance.
pc/Rachel Maxwell

Last of all, yesterday a dear friend posted a picture of her robin’s eggs on front porch. Two blue and one mottled brown and white.

It reminded me of this post I wrote last year and when I read it, it hit home with me again so I am linking that post here:

We have been dealing with a lot of heavy things. Some people more than others, but when one in the Body is hurting, we all hurt.

I am praying for your souls to find rest in God today.

Peace out and I will see you tomorrow <3

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So many voices and only one that matters <3

Happy Monday morning to you! 

After a soggy weekend here in the Midwest, we are enjoying a cold but sunny day. 

Russ has already been out for a walk/run around the block and reported there is, literally, not a cloud in the sky. 

I can attest that the sun is shining full force because it is showing a badly needed window washing project that will have to wait a few more days. 

As I am thinking what to share this morning, I am mulling over the danger of “political correctness” as a guide for my moral behavior and decisions. 

Case in point. 

I have a few hashtags I like to follow on Instagram and one of them is #shoplocal. 

Through this hashtag, I get a glimpse of small businesses all around the country and the world.

I find them interesting and inspiring for the most part, although not all small businesses pander what interests me or even what I agree with, necessarily. 

I pause on the ones I like and scroll past the ones that are not necessarily in line with my tastes or even beliefs. 

But occasionally I see one that is just offensive. 

Instagram offers me the option of “Reporting” or “Don’t show for this hashtag”.

I never report them because that is not my place, but I do choose to ask to be spared any more  along the lines of this kind of advertising by tapping the “don’t show” option. 

However, I do so with a nagging voice in the back of my head suggesting that I am wrong to be offended by something. 

I hear the cynicism of media and talking heads and comedians who make fun of people like me and the Facebook people that just love to carry on arguments on other peoples opinion posts.  

But that is not the voice of God. 

I know what is okay and what is not okay to view on my phone. 

I have been given the right to politely say, “No thank you.”

And in exercising that right, I am not “judging” someone who is fine with receiving the same kind of material. I am not protesting that it exists. 

I am choosing to eliminate it from my personal experience. 

In saying this, I am not suggesting that if I see something that is blatantly exploiting someone  I do not speak up.

I am talking about areas where I know God has set a standard, and the loud, boasting voice of popular culture attempts to drown out His still small voice showing me the way to live like Jesus. 

We may think we are immune to “peer pressure” but the voices of a new “morality” are pretty persuasive right now. 

I pray as God’s people we would continue to train our ears to hear Him say…This is the way. Now walk in it. 

His ways are gracious and merciful and kind, but they also hold to a standard set by Him. 

Stay in the Word as you walk through the world <3 

You are precious to Him. 

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