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A bird’s eye view of entitlement


One last observation from my recent trip and then I’m done…I think…

There is much talk about the problem created by “entitlement” in our country. It is related to the idea that when people expect certain things to be given to them just because…well, it creates an atmosphere that breeds discontent, arrogance, and laziness.

And it does. But it is also a sneaky little evil.

I saw it rear it’s ugly head on the airplane.

One leg of my travel itinerary was a 30 minute flight between Austin and Dallas. We all had just come from an airport with restaurants and snack stations galore, not to mention water fountains every so often with free water to quench a traveler’s thirst.

But the captain assured us that as soon as they reached altitude, the stewards would be serving beverages.

And then he had to admonish us to be courteous to them if they were unable to serve everyone due to weather conditions or the short nature of the flight.

Seriously? This must mean that somewhere in the history of these half hour treks, people have gotten out of hand because they didn’t get their thimble of free soda.

There is a kind of unwritten sense on a flight that, by golly, I paid a lot of money for my ticket and I want my complimentary drink.

We live in a country with such plenty around us that it is easy to get suckered into the mindset of “I better get all that is coming to me”.

It’s easy to spot the problem of entitlement outside of our circle, but I hope we will turn the magnifying glass on our lives as well and weed out any little seedlings in our own lives. I had to check myself on that one, and ended up declining a drink just on principle!

God bless you as you examine yourself before the Lord and allow Him to purge out those things that are not like Christ <3

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