A deal’s a deal…<3


A deal is a deal and I said I would stop in here as many mornings as I can like I used to. The schedule is tight today so the message will be short and sweet. 

We had a little issue with leakage in our kitchen are this past weekend. I called our trusted plumber and he came and fixed the obvious problem which was a leaky faucet. After he got that installed, he checked over all the pipes and such and determined that some do-hickey called a “trap” had been installed incorrectly. 

After a short time, the whole drain system was re-configured and we are in good order to move into the future. 

The point is this: sometimes our problems keep reoccurring because the basic plumbing has been installed wrong. 

We will keep having issues if we don’t get the faulty framework properly aligned. 

Sometimes that means a good season of introspection, conviction, confession and repentance. 

Sometimes that means we need to find a good, solid, biblical sound counselor. 

All the time it means we need to bathe, in prayer and application of God’s word, our recurring patterns that bring defeat to us on the daily. 

We were meant to be growing and thriving and reflecting God’s glory. 

But we are bent. 

Let’s bring the broken places to the One who made us and who knows where we need to be fixed. 

Blessings…carry on…have a great Wednesday <3

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