A password that even I can remember…

First off, let me just tell you that my generation is not really out of touch and irrelevant.

We are actually pretty nice people and fun to talk to but we are a bit cranky and distracted because if we aren’t trying to find our reading glasses so we can see the menu or read our phone messages…

we are frantically trying to remember our user name and password for the bazillion apps, websites, and various hoops E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y. now requires whether it is to order a pizza, do our banking, purchase something, track a package or attempt to make a dent in the 708 emails sitting there in our inbox.

Because seriously, the only reason I don’t update my iCloud settings every time there is a new iOS upgrade is because I can’t find the password…

so my Cloud is woefully out of sync with whatever is necessary and yet I go on.

Living and breathing. Every day…just like the day before the big download.

But with a sadly outdated iCloud account….sigh.

I dare not sign out of things like Instagram or my Starbucks account because I would probably never be able to sign in.

So imagine my complete joy and utter delight on Sunday morning when our pastor read Psalm 100 from the Message…..

because the whole Psalm is about how to gain access to the very real Presence of God…

which seems far more beneficial to me than the check out shopping cart on Amazon sooooo….

here it is in case you don’t attend our church nor have this one memorized…wink

On your feet now…applaud God…

bring a gift of laughter, sing yourself into His presence….

Enter with the password, “Thank You!”      

Psalm 100:1 and 3 Eugene Peterson MSG

So there you go…

User Name…..me or you or whoever longs to draw close to Him

Password…Thank You

Even I can remember that one <3

Let’s do it.

Let’s enter His gates today with thanksgiving…

first and foremost…

Before we ask for anything.

Before we complain about anybody or any situation.

Just ….





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