A PS on that story….


I wrote a post yesterday on the website about a positive experience I had with the customer service department at the Discover company and what I learned about dealing with my own interactions with customers as well as people in general. 

Link is here


But today I want to add a PS to that and I am sharing with you all the thoughts that went through my mind after I posted.

Because I refer to myself as a “customer” of the Discover Card company and yet they really do not make any money off of us. 

We pay our balance every month so they never get a dime of interest and there is no annual fee. 

They even give me cash back on purchases made. 

You see, the real paying customer is the businesses from whom I buy. 

They pay the fees for the convenience of me using the card.

And yes, businesses may cover the cost by tagging a little more on to the price of an item, but for the most part I am one of those “sale shoppers” who rarely pays full price anyway.

I live on grace and mercy. 

I was treated very well by a customer service department for a company who has done everything for me and I have done nothing in return but avail myself of their services.

Kind of sounds like Jesus doesn’t it?

No…the Discover Card is not my savior…but I get treated well and am called a child of God, with all the rights and privileges of an heir, and have done really nothing to earn that status. 

He paid it all and I just live in the fullness of life He gained for me. 

I am treated like royalty. A daughter of the King. 

The great exchange.

My debt paid by Him.

Accepted because of His rejection.

Abundant life purchased by His death and resurrection.

A sinner saved by grace. 

What a wonderful Discover-y.

Be blessed today child of God and extend grace as it has been given to you <3

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