A quick note for Tuesday <3


Good morning! 

Just a quick note this morning as I have a 9:00 appointment and you know punctuality is my middle name. 

One of the things we got to do in Cuba near the end of the trip was visit one of their beautiful beaches. 

A number of us in the group opted to venture out on some catamaran type sailboats and do some snorkeling. 

While the actual area we were taken to was not one of the most exciting scenes for this, the entire experience was priceless. 

And one for which I have not a single photograph to share with you, but a thousand of them now reside in my heart for eternity. 

Our sailor was a delight and the people who rode on our boat made me laugh so hard…imagine two young men perched on the very tips of a catamaran driven by an expert sailor whose main goal was to beat the other vessel…loaded with our teammates…back to shore as we chanted “We’re number one!” and you might begin to get a glimpse of the spirit of this adventure. 

But my story today has more of a point and so…before I run floss and brush one more time…here it is.


Donned in life jackets, goggles, breathing apparatus and flippers, we were deposited in the water. 

Having snorkeled before, I find this glimpse into sea life so intriguing and was content to just stay put as I studied the different colorations and movement of the variety of fish and scanned the ocean floor to see if I could find any life or objects hidden there amongst the undulating leaves of plants. 

At some point, I heard a voice calling and when I raised my head it was clear our guide was motioning me back toward the boats. 

It was surprising the distance that had grown between me and them. 

Although I had done nothing to propel my own movement, nor did I feel it in any way, a current had been carrying me.

Once back in safe distance of the rest of the group, I was proactive to use the flipper to maintain my position within the circle of the boats and occasionally I would see the strong ropes stretching from the bow of the catamarans and angling down to the heavy anchors secured in the sand below. 

From that view, I could see the current was quite strong.

While I had to work hard to maintain my position against the drift, the anchor did the work to hold our way home secure. 

And I couldn’t help but think of the lines to one of my favorite hymns…Christ Alone, Cornerstone.

The lyrics ran through my head as I watched the strong tug of the water pulling at a large boat…held fast and secure…by the dropped anchor.

Words about how the weak are made strong by His love…about how times will come when His face is hidden by the storms of life and then that line about the anchor holding fast within the veil.

The veil, the thing that separated me from God…the unholy in me that kept me from entering into His presence…is torn in two. 

Ripped wide open to invite one such as me to enter into the most Holy.

And this is good news because sometimes I drift. 

Sometimes I lift my head and realize that I have been distracted and an unperceived current has carried me bit farther than I ever meant to go. 

But in those times, I am reminded…it is not my flippers that will get me home. 

My heart is anchored in Christ and He is my Rock that holds onto me when I have lost my way. 

My Anchor holds me in the Presence…in the Holy of Holies…He is my all in all <3



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