A special day for someone special to us <3


Well, truth be told, I am writing this on the eve of Caroline’s sixth birthday because tomorrow morning we will be up early and in the car for a full day with the band of brothers and the birthday girl. 

Six years, and I might say I don’t know where it went, but I do know. 

It went watching this prayed for little sister be so surrounded by love that she seems to have it oozing out of her pores and spilling over on those around her. 

The days clicked by with her funny sense of humor and the sound of her songs sung in the car or off by herself as she let her imagination lead her play time. 

Minutes flew as I sat and watched her care for her baby dolls or fix meals with the kitchen set or maneuver the Critter Cottage rabbit family around their home and yard.

Hours have flitted past just like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings while I read books to her and now she reads them to me. 

The stories she has told me are mingled in with the times I have just sat and watched her, marveling that we have a girl-child. 


So happiest of birthdays, Sweet Caroline…good times surely never have seemed so good and we are so very thankful for you <3

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