A thought during this season <3


Hello and Happy Friday!

As the leaves are starting to turn pretty colors and the mums are blooming, I am reminded how much I love Fall. 

The crisp air gives me energy and the gatherings for football, soccer, chili suppers and  roasting s’mores are all such a beautiful part of this season, but there is a side that is not so fun. 

Several times in the last few weeks in conversations with friends and also our grandchildren, the subject of gory Halloween decorations has come up. We talk about how this seems to be on the increase. 

Joel was telling us about a house they would pass on the way to the library that was scary and since they had no choice due to road construction but to pass by it, someone would call out a reminder before nearing it to turn and look the other way. 

This would have been at least two years ago that he saw this and yet it made quite an impression on him. 

I, myself, still remember a decoration my mom would hang from the ceiling of our living room when we lived in base housing at Offutt Air Force Base. I would have been five and six in that house, but I still remember the orange accordion fold out that looked like a flying saucer. On top of it was one of those paper cutout  figures of a witch.

If you grew up in the 60’s you know the kind of decor I am referring to. 

I remember sitting there watching it seem to move about and I found it frightening. I didn’t realize the air movements of the furnace were causing it to seem to rotate. I thought it was doing it on its own. 

Russ and I have been appalled at the terrifying commercials for the new Exorcist that come on between programs that would be totally acceptable for small children to be watching with the family. Add to that the Halloween movie marathons. 

We live in a culture that finds terror entertaining. I am not here to start a censorship campaign or attempt to outlaw any kind of gore. 

I am simply reminding you that children and adults are being exposed to a lot of things that would desensitize us out of protective necessity. We have to cope with the fright and repulsion that arises in us as we see things that frighten us. 

I know for us, we call out to turn the head a lot and then we pray for the hearts of the children and for our own. 

While there are some who say they can see these things and not be affected, I know I am not one of them. Images sear onto my brain and they are hard to shake. 

The only way I can find deliverance from the terror that I feel and keep my heart soft is to pray for God to wash away the images I have seen. 

I pray to see His beauty more and to set my mind on that when things resurface and so this is what I pray for our children and grandchildren. 

When you see something disturbing during this season, rather than rant and tell someone about it, maybe we could just turn to God and pray for protection over those who would be in a position to see it as well. 

Pray for any little ones who are frightened to receive heavenly comfort and to be shielded from the fear that it invokes. If something has stirred your heart in defense of the innocence of children, the Lord is calling you to pray for them and cover them with the shield of His protection.


And as much as possible, bring the peace of Christ our Lord into the settings you have influence over. Celebrate that which is full of beauty and grace and share it generously with others. 

May God bless your day with added doses of beauty and love, mercy and grace. 

Laura <3

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