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A Thought to end our week <3


Hello and Happy Friday!

First I want to thank those of you who sweetly checked on me about my back. I went to my chiropractor Monday and she worked her magic and I have been on the mend ever since and am doing well. 

I have a quick thought to send your way. It was an “Aha!” Moment for me, but you all may already have this booked in your memory bank. 

If so, this will just be affirmation. 

This Journey for me is one of constant revelation of things I should know but need to be reminded of. 

At church lately and on the radio a song is played frequently called “I Speak the Name of Jesus” by an artist named Katy Nichole.* Throughout the song, there are situations that we all deal with and for each one, she prays the name of Jesus over it. 

Of course, I love the song and while fragments of it run through my heart as I move through the day, I get the words all mixed up and if you heard me, you would have difficulty naming that tune. But it’s okay. 

The truth of it is beautiful and solid. Jesus is the answer to the needs for which I pray daily. 

Yesterday in my devotion time I was working on the Romans Study,An Overwhelming Hope**, by Jessica Mathisen.


She was talking about Scripture and how Jesus IS the Word (John 1 tells us the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us) and the Bible is God’s WORD. So…Word = Word. 

Jesus is the Word of God and when we are praying, as we use Scripture as the foundation of our prayers, we are literally speaking Jesus over people we love, people we don’t love, circumstances, problems, challenges, impossibilities, nations, injustice, greed, war, hunger, poverty, schools, our churches. On and on and on. 

The Word applied in faith avails much. 

Bless you as you speak Jesus over whatever is on your heart and mind today. 

You are loved and precious in His sight. Have a great weekend!


* The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R84PqRdZ7_Y

** https://www.jessicanmathisen.com – to find her study

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