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A word from the wise…. <3


Good morning to you! 

Or afternoon…or evening…or whenever you find your way here. 

I have a quick thought to share because, if you checked out yesterday’s post, you know that we have a V.I.P. arriving while I am at work on Friday and we are spending all day with the Fab Four on Thursday…so today I have just a short little thought to throw out there. 

My reading in Proverbs thus far this week had me in a section that included Chapters 7-9 where Solomon, who was proclaimed to be the wisest man ever, is contrasting wisdom with folly. And l would like to go on record saying that as I read the portions about the seductress that leads men astray, I did have the entire soundtrack to “Welcome to the Hotel California” playing in my head.

But that is a sermon for another day….

For I promised to be brief and so here is what I noticed as I read these passages. 

I often say that I am searching for wisdom. I am seeking it and crying out for it. And I feel that foolishness is holding up a big old billboard to distract me all. the. time. 

However as I look at these passages I notice this:

The young man who is led astray actually wanders up the path to the porch of folly. (Proverbs 7: 8)

In Proverbs 9: 14 we find the one who would lead us to ruin, sitting on her porch again, calling out to those passing by. 

However, Wisdom “…takes her stand at First and Main, at the busiest intersection.” (Proverbs 8: 2) 

She shouts and hails people…

“You! I am talking to YOU!” (Proverbs 8: 4-5) and she is pretty blunt about it actually. 

In Chapter 9, after she has prepared her table she goes out into the town and stands in a prominent place. 

So why, if Wisdom pursues me and Folly just waits for me to stumble in, do I have so much trouble finding Wisdom at times? 

Perhaps it is because Wisdom doesn’t flatter or promise ease….perhaps because Wisdom calls me what I am…slow to listen, rebellious of heart…and then asks me to work hard at sitting under her teaching. 

Maybe that’s why sometimes Wisdom eludes me. 

Wisdom doesn’t have an agenda. 

Wisdom doesn’t lie in wait for me. 

Wisdom doesn’t make empty promises and it doesn’t flatter my ego. 

Wisdom is available in the clear, open paths of every day life – making itself known to me as I walk in the right places and acknowledge that I need someone to teach me the ways of the wise. 

Wisdom is not slinking around waiting for me to wander along some dark, enticing path and find it.

Wisdom is transparent and honest and available to me right on the paths I take to walk on every day when I set my heart to desire the better way of living. 

Interesting to think about, isn’t it? 

I pray today you will continue faithfully on the path God has set your feet to walk out, and that along the way you will hear the voice of Wisdom guiding you. 

Oh, and if she calls you a blockhead, it’s okay…we are, sometimes, a little thick-headed you know <3

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