A word from the Word <3

On Sunday, as our pastor was talking about Palm Sunday and the way people were cheering and welcoming Jesus….

throwing their cloaks on the ground and waving palm branches.

Singing Hosanna’s and praising Him loudly.

And then, how quickly they turned when they realized He wasn’t going to do what they wanted Him to do.

I heard phrases pop out from the sermon…

“They wanted a different kind of Kingdom…what they wanted from Him was not what He was about…”

“We need to wait for Him to show up….we need to start with God’s Kingdom…”

“He knows all there is to be known and all that needs to be not known.”

Interesting phrases I jotted down.

They make me wonder.

A lot of the things I want, are what He is about.

In fact, I can safely say that MOST everything that is on my Top Five want list is all about what He is about.

If I were to write them out in simple terms, every one of them actually falls right in the will of God.

But right now things are not falling out as I would have them or even in a way that looks like the way God would have them. It’s not that I am noble or have a superiorly spiritual mind.

It just happens that I am in a season in life where what I cry out for are things I know God would want to do.

But He doesn’t.

So I have to continue to sit quietly and ask for what I want to line up with what He is about.


wait for Him to show up.

Wait for Him to show up in the way He will.

I have to realize that His Kingdom is bigger than what I can see…

more than just the part that I have in it…

deeper than I can think…

higher than I can hope…

wider than I can extend my arms.

So I take to heart the words of my pastor.

Jesus KNOWS….everything that needs to be known.

And He KNOWS…everything that is unnecessary for me to know right now.

Jesus wept for Jerusalem because they could have known PEACE but they chose not to know.

I choose Jesus.

I choose His Peace….in His time…in His way.

Every. Day.





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