An informal tweak

So I looked up “tweak”, just to make sure it really is a word and means what I think and it is and does…but I guess its #1 meaning is to pull or twist sharply.

That is not what I want to talk about….so informally, it means…to improve a mechanism or system by making fine adjustments to it.

And sometimes, often, I find that my system of doing things could use a tweak.

Like my cell phone ring tone. I had selected one that I thought I liked. However, every time my phone rang, I found myself answering the poor unsuspecting caller in a state of high irritation.

I began to question myself about my attitude regarding family and friends that call and decided to try a different ring tone. Now my phone makes a gentle chime. The first strike perks up my ears and by the second or third I am happily answering the call.

It doesn’t jar me like the old tone did. Sometimes in public someone’s phone will go off using my former signal and it is all I can do to not grab it out of her purse and snarl a greeting just to make it stop…..

Recently I was able to tweak the ever-present nagging guilt about the accumulation of photos thanks to the digital age.

I have somehow managed to accumulate 11,749 on iPhoto since 2010…and 1,006 are currently in my phone. And yes….I periodically download and delete from that device….can you only imagine….

So as I move through the course of each and every day, the potential for a scrapbook collection that would rival the library in the palace of Beauty and the Beast is looming over the comings and goings of work, church, writing, eating, exercising…..living…

And then at dinner with friends last week, as I bemoaned all the hours that would be needed to organize and do something with these photos….a blessed minor adjustment was offered up from one of the gals.

Quite simply and with no guilt, this grandma of one darling little cupcake of a girl said – Oh…I don’t worry about it. I just take the pictures and let them pile up on my phone and computer. They are there when I want to look at them and I don’t have time to worry about anything beyond that.


We can do that????

We can just have them on the computer….because in reality…who on earth comes to our house to look through scrapbooks and photo albums anyway? uh…no one…..and if they want to see them…well….pull up a chair by mine and let’s open iPhoto!

Ever since that conversation, my to do list has actually gotten done because the guilt of an unmet and, in reality, unrealistic expectation is GONE….

What is weighing on you….stealing Joy from the moment…annoying you….making you feel like a failure?

Maybe it just needs a minor adjustment to improve the system….pray, ask God, listen and tweak away!

Honestly, if you have a similar story and would be willing to share in comment – how fun and freeing it would be if we could glean from one another and be released of some unnecessary baggage today!

Blessings on you!

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