An Observation on Becoming Less


This summer is both an answer to prayer and a season of stepping back into the bleachers a bit more in the arena of our four grand’s lives. 

As we emerged from Covid and prayed fervently for friends and even a good school to be enrolled in for these little goobers, God moved mightily and the abundance catches me off guard many a day as tears of joy spill from my eyes. 

I sometimes think my heart will burst as I see them scampering off with friends. While we still head up there twice a week, the times we actually have all four under the roof of house or van is limited. 

Someone is off with a friend or attending a camp. At ball games we rarely have them gathered under our feet begging for concessions as they are running to the playground or having a pickup game with other siblings on a vacant field. 

I am not complaining. 

Our cup runneth over as we hear of the carpool arrangements for the day and are more uber drivers than entertainment. 

And so we have entered the new season, and yet again we will adjust and pray for those times when we can speak into their lives, give the hugs, correct wayward paths, urge reconciliation and cheer them on. 

The ebb and flow of catch and release is part of the journey and so I bow my head each day and ask God to show me how to navigate this next phase. 

He is faithful <3

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