Ancient Wisdom is a Real Thing <3


I am staying on track with my plan to read through the Chronological Bible this year and the past few days have been spent wading through the book of Job. 

I tried to do some research to make sure what I am about to say is not naive and could stand up to any kind of comment from a skeptic of biblical truth and accuracy.

But, mostly, I found myself asking why do I always imagine that I need to defend what I believe about the Bible to some unknown, faceless person who thinks I am goofy for being a Christian. 

Am I alone in this? Do you second guess sharing what you have read because: 

  1. You don’t have a theology degree and
  2. You are afraid you will lose an argument with some random agnostic or atheist should he or she happen to overhear and challenge you? 

Well, I do.

And if that’s not a problem for you, use the extra time you aren’t spending in this vortex of imagined conflict and say a little prayer for yours truly <3

So on to the thought I had whilst reading Job.

In everything I have ever been taught or read about the book of Job, the author and date of writing are unclear.

There is indication that the story was orally passed down and then recorded.

The combination of forms of Hebrew indicate the passing of time between the event and capturing in writing. 

But the point that sticks out to me is how accurately the words describe astronomy, geography, anatomy, biology and so many other concepts that had not even been discovered, learned, taught or explored. 

I find this in Psalms as well.

Descriptions of solar systems and the earth’s rotation and weather patterns…written by men who traveled by foot or four-legged animals and within a limited space of acreage their entire lives. 

photo credit: my very own Russ Reimer <3

I have flown over the United States multiple times and to Kenya twice. 

I have watched footage of film taken from space since I was a child.

I have sat in many a classroom to learn about water evaporation and cumulous clouds and how rivers run if various directions from their sources. 

And I couldn’t put together a Haiku poem that would make any sense of it.

But in Job I find page after page of information describing these complex systems and process…that were passed down orally and then recorded on scrolls. 

I am a word nerd. 

This blows me away. 

We think we are so educated and smart with our google capacity..our libraries laden with books…researchers and scientists and academics…

I kneel in awe of God’s inspired Word and ask Him to teach me things I cannot know. 

Be blessed as you seek Him. 

He knows what you and I do not and cannot know. 

Ask Him. 

He is a faithful and good teacher <3

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