Angel Dance

It is gray today. Gray sky. Gray trees. If the wind had a color, it would be gray. And it would be a lot of gray, because the wind is blowing at full November, gray-day strength.

Passing through town earlier today, I had some time to wait at the intersection by “Wake the Dead”.  It’s a dilapidated building that, quite frankly, is well named. I haven’t seen any activity lately, but it used to be a church/concert hall for what I think is called alternative music.

At some point, someone put up a fence around the side courtyard.  It looks like a wall around a prison and has a gate that reminds me of a spider web. In the center is a fountain with a concrete angel.  Wearing a knee length dress with huge wings, she is looking down at her feet. She appears to be intently focused on a quiet dance.

I have to say that against the broken wall, the unkempt yard and the piles of debris around her; she appears to be serene and content.

The hectic week that lies ahead for me is a logistical nightmare. Between work and travel, it is going to take discipline and iron strength to get the right casserole to the right place at the right temperature on the right day. In the mix is working all the black parts of the retail world, as well as sharing time with family scattered hither and yon.

Part of me wants to crumple in meltdown mode, kind of like I did a few hours ago in the grocery when I couldn’t find a can of pumpkin ANYWHERE. But most of me wants to put on a knee length dress, sprout some wings and dance like an angel.

The choice is clearly mine.

I will lift my eyes to the Maker of the blessings for which I give thanks and I will lift my heart to dance.

Blessings on you as you navigate through the hectic by keeping your eyes on the heavenly.

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