Another positive take away from 2020 ….or carry out, if you will <3


Thanks for the love on yesterday’s post…removing my mask momentarily to give you a big smile. 

Today I am thinking about the positive of a new respect for small business and shopping local. 

As I was driving yesterday I dictated thoughts into my phone and as I typed them out, I am once again so inspired by the way our local community grew in this area. When our governor closed everything down, there was a deep sigh in our inner circle. I work for a small business owner. My neighbors own a restaurant. 

It was scary and it hit close to home, literally.

But we watched with a deep respect as local businesses got creative and active.

Immediately they were using social media to offer take out. Stores were posting pictures of products available when the government allowed curbside pickup. And when that stopped, they used the time and stimulus money to make improvements.

This inspired hope in us as our small businesses set a light to the future that spoke the promise that we would once again be dining and shopping in our favorite places. 

Once they could be open, the shops and restaurants worked diligently to accommodate the health of the community for the most part. I am ignoring the ones who didn’t. I want to focus on the ones who did.

They purchased patio furniture and tents, they developed family pack meals for pick up. They got curbside cones set up for take out. Shops invested in cleaning supplies and signage to keep their shoppers safe. Social media from our local businesses was used in positive ways as they featured menus, specials and even their staff whose sweet faces we miss seeing in person. They kept us connected as a community.

Someone local developed a Support Small Business group on Facebook where we learned of all kinds of services available in our community and shared resources amongst many people.

Cheerleaders for locally owned businesses posted frequently and created a new respect for those who live and contribute to our surroundings and we wanted to be a part of providing income for them instead of the big distribution centers that have threatened to wipe out our little places here in town. 


Working in a shop, my heart was warmed so often as men and women would come in to check us out first for a sought-after item, or just to look for something to buy because they wanted to show their support.

They were willing to skip bargain hunting on the internet, realizing that the costs of a small business are higher than places that can buy in mass quantities. Our family and friends did most of our gifting to each other from the locally owned businesses.

We started to own our communities again and care for the well-being of those who provide goods and services to us and also live right next door. 

People who don’t normally eat out would make an intentional effort to order curbside and leave a big tip. It was a sacrifice in a way for some, spending some extra money to help a business out, but in the long run our hearts are bigger for it. (Also our waist lines…but that’s a Covid negative so we will steer clear of that topic….)

I don’t know when I have talked as much with friends about local businesses or been as thankful for the town we live in. And since I have become a pro at take out, I hope to carry out this one in 2021. 

I know. Puns. Sorry…couldn’t help myself. See ya tomorrow <3

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