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Because I can’t stop thinking about this

I get a copy of the Voice of the Martyrs magazine every so often.

This past month had an article about a young woman who needed a fast escape from a situation and her mom arranged a ride for her with some people she knew.

Only it didn’t turn out like the mom would have hoped or the daughter expected.

Long story short, she ended up as a purchased wife out in the depths of some rural and obscure place with little to no hope of escape. Ever.

And while it would be wonderful to say that prayers were answered and she got away and was able to return home…that is not how God worked in this story.

But He worked.

Oh yes.

He worked.

Because some missionaries had gotten some Bibles to some people off in that remote place.

And some residents became Christians.

And some of them shared the gospel with this victim of the worst kind of deceit.

As she studied God’s Word her heart softened towards her husband.

He noticed a change in her and as he pursued finding out what was different, he too received Christ.

I am so thankful for the work of many to advocate for women such as this one.

But I stand in awe of an awesome God who takes what men meant for evil and uses it for life-changing good.

This couple and their fellow believers live in a country that persecutes Christians.

So we pray for them and for those with whom they now share the Gospel of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ.

Because this life will end…no matter how good it has been to us…no matter how evil.

But we who follow Christ know, this place where we dwell and the streets we walk and the people we interact with are not our home.

Prayers today for those who are called to go…for those who are called to fund…for those who are calling out for help…let us not grow weary in fighting the good fight…not just for the lives of others but for their eternal life <3


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