Because I knew this day would come and just wanted to share it with you <3

No…our bunnies haven’t showed up yet… but spring is springing as evidenced by this photo sent via text from our Sarah last Friday…

I remember well the lovely day last fall when her dad and I went down and helped her with a final yard cleanup.

He was determined to plant some tulips for her and if you know my Russ…

it was done and done with little fanfare and a steady hand.

And sure enough on Friday she sent the picture that I knew would come at some point when winter began to recede and spring started to stir life around the prairie.

I smiled on Saturday when I went out to get the mail and saw our own little green tulip leaves pushing up through the grass at the end of the drive.

I suspect some grandchildren will be Face Timing us in the days ahead to let us know they have spied tulips poking through the mulch around their porch.

Years ago…over twenty in fact…this same dad took a carload of little Reimer’s over to the house we would be closing on in December and asked the lady we were buying from if we could plant tulips.

I remember well the morning I stepped out on that porch the following spring morning and saw those tulips peeping up.

A mark of “Thus far You have brought us Lord”

So I thank God for the grace gift of a seed planting father and husband.

I thank God for the quiet hope he instills in his wife who sometimes fears winter will never end.

I thank God for life that lives and hearts that beat underneath what appears to be a dead cold grave.

I thank God that He chose to let me live in a place where seasons can sometimes run on just a tad too long…

and then…


Be blessed today.

I hope you spot a crocus or a daffodil or a tulip emerging.

I pray that seeds that were sown seasons ago, by you or someone you love, will rise up today and drink in the light and life of this new beginning.

Blessings <3

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