Because it’s Wednesday <3


Summer this year has been the most summery, restful, the-way-summer-used-to-feel summers for several years for me.

Circumstances freed up my calendar a bit more and added some new opportunities and things fell into place in such a way…not to mention these blissful days of mild temps and low humidity and to be honest, I sit out on the porch some mornings with a steaming cup of coffee and my Bible in my lap with a jacket on and my heart is so full, all I can do is seep tears down my mascara stained cheeks.

It’s a thing of beauty my poor husband has to bid goodbye to each day…trust me…true love endures.

There have been some hard things for people I love and I have not been oblivious to those, but it has been a season of rest after several years of not so much and I am thankful.

So here are some randoms as Wednesday has become a great place to just send some mid-week snippets of thoughts.

Per usual, in no particular order….

<3  #1

Yesterday’s post was so on the fly that I cringe at all the duplicate uses of words, run on sentences beyond my usual annoying habit and grammatical errors.

But I am so into summer mode…I didn’t even go back and attempt to correct..

so sorry English people.


<3    #2

Someone has developed into quite the ice cream mooch…

Exhibit 1


Exhibit 2


Exhibit 3


and I absolutely will purchase ice cream just to watch her cute little face consume it.

<3    #3

What is your mindset regarding preparation for going on vacation?

Are you one of those people who just throw a few things in a bag and head out?

Please tell me your secret because here is me the week of vacation prep..

  • all laundry must be caught up, folded, ironed and put away in drawers and the fact that all my humans are currently creating more laundry drives me cuckoo.
  • I am high stress trying to make sure we have enough fruits and vegetables and dairy product to complete all meals until we leave without having any extra to throw away or try and dispose of by giving to friends
  • the house needs to be cleaner than normal as in, all the hidden away clutter is screaming to be purged and organized. I believe this stems from a genetic strain of my mother who feared we would meet our Maker whilst on vacation and friends and relatives would see how we stashed clutter behind closet doors
  • all 4,782 photos on my phone must be downloaded and saved to multiple devices so that I can delete enough of them to bring the count back up
  • I have to remind my husband multiple times that I will try and stop being so crabby so that we don’t spend the first few days of our vacation healing from emotional wounds that I have inflicted on both of us
  • I am kidding a little on some of this..(nervous laugh)


<3    #4

For those of you who struggle with my photos, the one I just inserted is to give equal time since I included the other two already

<3    #5

I read all of Lamentations this morning and it is some of the most beautifully and honestly written passages of a man who could have shook his head triumphantly and said “I told you so!”…or “You made your bed, now lie in it.”

But instead…he lays bare his heart before God.

He expresses all the emotions and weeps for the outcome for him and for God’s people.

Reading in the Chronological Bible has been such a great way to get the context of Scripture in order.

What an amazing journey through God’s Word <3

<3   #6

One last silly one for you…

have you struggled with “watermelon betrayal” this summer?

We have.

Good watermelons, bad watermelons, seeded that were marked as seedless…all look alike, thump alike…they feel heavy when you lift them…but it’s a grab bag when you slice into one.

If anyone has a secret to share on finding a good one, let me know.

But not today…because…vacation…you know…not sure I can eat an entire watermelon in the time left…



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