Building blocks <3

2 Peter 1:5-6 instructs us about growing in our faith…it anchors itself on the knowledge that we have been given great and precious promises and the tools to live a godly life…and it encourages us to start with faith and then add on.

I like to draw out the cycle sometimes in my journal and it ends up looking something like

and now we know why I like photos instead of my drawings…however.

The point is that we progress in our faith in a process that adds and increases.

And for today I want to focus on the adding of knowledge and why it is important.

I hope each of you are taking advantage of the many opportunities to LEARN and not just be good little Christ followers. Because if we just add goodness and virtue to our faith and stop there…we will stunt the growth.

I mentioned yesterday about the class Russ and I are taking on Wednesday nights. The teachings cover the different sacrifices in Leviticus and Numbers…what they meant and how we can translate these into our faith journey in 2018.

Today, yet again, I was blessed with an increase in knowledge as I did my daily reading of the Chronological Bible.

In Judges 13 I read the familiar story of Samson with the same – slack-jawed/I-can’t-believe-this-is-a-Bible-story-story/flash-back to Victor Mature in the black and white movie version/appalled state of what manner of flawed people God will continue to include in carrying out His plan – that I have every single time I read this…


This morning …I read with increased knowledge that when the Angel of the Lord makes his exit via the smoke of Manoah and his wife’s sacrifice…I understand more what is meant by a “burnt offering and a grain offering.”      Judges 13:23

I have added knowledge now of the significance of this and a way to apply this to my own life.

We live in an age of incredible access to Bible Studies…printed, on-line, offered through churches that welcome all denominations…home studies…small groups.

Yes indeed…each of us should be reading our Bibles regularly…but please take advantage of the many opportunities to add knowledge to your reading so that you can add His Word to your every day living.

The teaching of Your Word gives light (revelation) so even the simple (childlike) can understand <3

Psalm 119:130 – various texts



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