Christmas Countdown 2013 <3 Day 22

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Yesterday Russ and I went see “Saving Mr. Banks”. It was good and entertaining and in many ways uplifting. I laughed, I cried but a line at the end a single line jumped out at me. If spoken words could be in all caps and bold font, that is how I heard a phrase spoken by the character of Walt Disney near the end of the movie.

In a last ditch attempt to bring about the movie for the Mary Poppins books, he is trying to convince the author, P.L. Travers, to see the way that books and movies can bring redemption to the sad ways life can turn our lives around. With deep sincerity, he explains the need the world has for hope. “That’s what storytellers do; instill hope again and again and again.”

I loved it and as a long time fan of Disney, happily ever afters and all things Mickey it sounded like truth. I grabbed my phone to type the phrase in my notes section before I got it all mixed up and lost the words. (AS IF, in this day and age, I wouldn’t ┬ábe able to google this line, which I did last night to make sure I indeed had it correct!)

But as I thought about it after leaving the movie, the star dust of Tinkerbell kind of faded and I realized that, while we do need positive stories and encouragement from others, the HOPE we really need is instilled by the very One who’s birth we celebrate this season.

Only Christ instills HOPE, that will last. Only Christ can save. Only Christ can transform our lives, change our story and redeem our past. Only Christ.

And at His name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Philippians 2:11









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