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Christmas Countdown 2018 Day 10


Oh friends…it’s a Monday. 

The mother of all Mondays for this tired Lola <3

Rachel and Zach had a couple of holiday events this weekend and since we had planned to meet up at a reindeer ranch between our two houses, they suggested we host the band of brothers and little miss thing for a sleepover. 

I laugh as I type these words because while yes, they all did sleep…Lola and Papi … not so much. 

But we had a grand time and I most likely will need to share some pictures tomorrow…but for today…laundry and sticky floors are singing a sweet siren song that cannot be ignored…so without ado…

Yesterday we looked at verse 9 and the way Jesus took time to set apart prayer for just His disciples. 

Focused prayer on one person or a certain set of people is okay. 

Often in my prayers, I feel pressured by some outside and unknown force to be all inclusive. 

I will find myself interceding passionately for one child or a certain friend and then this voice whispers..what about your other children…what about so and so…they need prayer too. 

Can I give you some prayer advice here?

If that whisper prompts me into deeper intercession for another and then another and it flows from the Spirit in me…that’s God.

If it prompts me to pray wimpy, guilty prayers to “prove” that I love the others as much as that one I had been praying for…THAT, my friend, is NOT the still, small voice of my God. 

And now on to today’s verse…

And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them. 

John 17: 10 NKJV

Let’s break that down into the points that jump out to my tired brain this morning…because yes, while I have worked ahead on other verses to this point…I am being honest and today’s is off the cuff…

First off…I see the unity of the trinity in this verse. 

All that belongs to Jesus, belongs to God. 

All that belongs to God, belongs to Jesus. 

Second, and this is from the commentary study I have been using…only Jesus can make this statement. 

You and I can pray for our loved ones and we can say…all mine are Yours. In other words, whether they currently belong to You or not, I am giving them to You and they belong to You, in my heart, by faith. 

But we cannot say…all Yours are mine. 

Only Jesus owns it all. 

Only Jesus paid for it all…for all of us. 

We borrow what belongs to Him through our relationships with each other. 

We belong together to Him. 

We love through Him. 

But only Jesus owns it all. 

All the Kingdom…all the Power..all the glory…goes to Him. 

I am called mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter…etc…etc…etc…but only Jesus Christ is LORD and Savior of all the people I love. 

And all the people I like…and all the people I don’t particularly care for ….and all the people who get on my last nerve and make me want to make them disappear from me ever having to deal with them again. 

Only Jesus has the right and the righteousness and the authority to say to God…My people are Your people…Your people are My people. 

Because only Jesus made each one of them and knows them and came for them. 

This may seem just a subtle difference in semantics, but I think if we would stop today and ponder over that a little, we might find some areas where we have proclaimed ourselves sovereign over some humans who really need to be handed over to the One to whom they rightfully belong. 

And last of all…

He is glorified in the disciples. 

They are not glorified in themselves. 

Whatever they will do in answer to the prayers He is praying in that dark and hard and lonely place, will bring glory to Him. 

And so it is that you and I, as we journey onward…we are bringing glory to Him. 

Makes me want to stop and step outside my own little bubble of me, myself and I and give Him glory…even on a Monday <3 

Be blessed…ponder a little the magnificent God we serve…and I will see you tomorrow <3

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