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Christmas Countdown 2018 Day 4

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Well today will be as originally promised…short and sweet <3

As we move along through John 17 and come to what our modern Bibles label as verse 4, we read Jesus’ words to His Father:

I have glorified You on earth, I have finished the work You have given me to do. NKJV

The Contemporary English Version words this passage:

I have brought glory to you on earth by doing everything you gave me to do. 

And finally, I love the way Eugene Peterson translates this passage:

I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detail what you assigned me to do.

Don’t we list makers get that???

The feeling of completion for all the items on our To Do list…but this is Jesus saying…

I completed all the items…


down to the very tiniest and last detail…

on Your eternal To Do List, Abba <3

When we were providing care for my three elderly family members in three different care facilities AND continuing to raise three very active and involved young teens and tweens…I would often pray a simple prayer. 

It varied in form but basically sounded like this…

Lord, I cannot be but in one place today. Where is the one place only I can be? Give me wisdom to know that one place and one thing that I am supposed to be. Help me surrender where I want to be and give me obedience to be where I am supposed to be. Give my loved ones grace to understand and be with those who can fulfill the role in their lives that was not meant for me today. 

Dear ones…take a good look at your list today.

Look at all the places where you think your presence is required…and lift that list to the only One who can be everywhere all at once.

Acknowledge your humanity and release to Him the crazy desire to be all the things for all your people. 

Let Him guide you into your one place…and ask Him to give you the strength and diligence to complete down to the last detail all that He has assigned for you today. 

May you find rest in obedience to your assignments and grace to cheer on those who get to do the thing you wanted to do more than obey….

blessings my friends as you bring Him glory through the long hours and tasks of your day <3

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