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Christmas Countdown 2019…..Day 8


It is the Second Sunday of Advent and I woke early and spent much time in front of these little candles relishing the quiet and the gift of extra moments to just dwell. 

The desk calendar by our computer has this phrase this morning…

“The greatest thing your heart can experience is God’s presence.”

So true and this is my breath prayer for all the people I love. To experience God’s presence.

And if your eyes happened to land on this page here today…whether we have officially met or not… then you and all you hold dear are also included in that prayer, my friend <3

I could have shared any number of thoughts from the many accounts of Jesus’ activity recorded in Luke 8, but I have a note jotted down in the margin of the page in my Bible and it is dated January 1 of this year. 

The basis for the note is the closing section of Chapter 7 but since it is Sunday and a day of rest, I hope you don’t mind if that is all I share with you.

Verses 36-50 are Luke’s version of the sinful woman who anointed Jesus with her most precious possession and her tears.

I simply wrote on the first day of this year…

Lord, I have been forgiven much. I love much. Break open my broken heart to love more. 

Be blessed in whatever this Second Sunday of Advent brings your way knowing …. you and I have been forgiven much. 

Let’s love out of the knowledge of this <3

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