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Christmas Countdown 2021 Day 16 <3


We are headed up north for a day with the kiddos while mom and dad work. 

This has been a weekly trek for over ten years now, and it is an added blessing that Russ is retired we can tag team them.

Sort of. 

Ten and a half years.

They have flown by at a pace that has my head spinning and my heart growing increasingly sloppy as I know the years have wings. 

So today’s ornament harkens back to the time when there was only one little fellow to tend to. 

The one who made us grandparents. 

The day of this ornament’s story was not a work day for mommy. It was just a Lola day to spend together. 

The living room; that is now appointed more richly with decorations and furniture in this young family’s home, had only a couch, chair and a TV stand. 

I can see Rachel spreading out a blanket and gathering her purchases for us to make ornaments with Graham. 

He was so little …about 19 months. The photos of that time are tucked away in some file from an old computer that I pray daily I will be able to locate. 

But the video of my heart has held it in living color. 

She had purchased clear plastic balls and paint and we poured the colors in and swirled them around. 

Tears drip down my face now as they did that day. 

Sitting on a blanket with our oldest and their oldest, making ornaments. 

A slice of heaven right here on earth. 

Just what the Christmas story is all about. 

I hope there are moments in this season 2021, for you and for me where we feel the divine has kissed the everyday moments of our lives and we sense that God is leaning forward with a smile and a laugh as we delight in recognizing the gift. 

Yes, He came to save us.

Yes, He came to overcome the sin of the world.

But He also came that the daily life we live on this little planet in a galaxy amongst an infinite expanse of space and time would be an abundant life.

Moments of pure joy.

A rich depth to our sorrows.

Purpose in all of our efforts.

These are the gifts of the Christ child for each of us <3

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