Connectivity issues <3


So many words last week. So many words and so many pictures. Thank you for joining in on the travel log and thank you for coming back. 

We traveled again this weekend, but be relieved…I don’t plan to cover that trip as extensively as I did the previous one. I may share a bit on Wednesday or Thursday as randoms, but for today I just have a simple thought. 

This morning I had an appointment and then ran some errands. As I got in the car from Aldi’s and turned on the engine, I noticed that my dashboard said “no phone connected”. I panicked slightly as I hadn’t had my phone out in the store at all and I wondered where I could have left it. 

But then a reality check hit because it was definitely and uncomfortably wedged in the pocket of my joggers. My mind slowly tried to process how to gel these two facts. 

One, the smart car that usually knows more than I do was saying there was no phone and yet the evidence of its existence was also clear.

And then I remembered. 

Since we were using a rental car this weekend and I tend towards paranoia, I had turned off the blue tooth setting so that when I was using the USB charger, the car could not attach to my phone. 

When it was safe, I turned the blue tooth connection back on and voila! The car and my phone were reunited. 

And it occurred to me that often I have the resources I need, but I have failed to open the connection between what I have and what I need to do. 

One prime example is, whether it is listening to God or to someone who is trying to communicate with me, I have turned my own personal internal blue tooth off and I cannot receive and process. 

It would be lovely if there was an actual dashboard on my life that alerted me to the need to turn my ability to listen and understand back on.

Perhaps the confusion, conflict and chaos that ensues when I have stopped listening is the best indicator that I need to find a safe place, pull off, and reengage by ability and willingness to listen. 

Blessings on you as we start a new week. 

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