Day 14 Christmas Countdown 2022


Hi ho!

We are 10 days away from Christmas Eve and I am late posting because I ran a slew of Santa errands this morning. I am at the point where I know I need to take stock of what we have ready to go and do the last few things and then menu plan. 

I am sure many of you are like me and have a list going on the counter, in your head, on your phone or a combination of all three. 

Russ offered to help with the cards this year, and ended up doing all of them. It was a huge relief off my to do list and I am so grateful he was willing to take it on. 

It reminds me of another way he used to help me out when it was crunch time. He usually worked part of Christmas Eve but headed home, changed clothes and helped me wrangle kids who were sooooo excited for Christmas Eve and Day. 

I always had a batch of sugar cookies prepared and covered the kitchen table in plastic cloth. Bowls of icing in the requested colors were spread out along with sprinkles, knives and lots of waxed paper to put those overloaded creations onto to dry. 

Often neighbor kids and friends ended up around the table as well. Meanwhile I was finishing up putting ribbon on the mini-loaves of different kinds of breads we had made. 

After the cookie frenzy, Russ and the kids would load up the loaves in the wagon and deliver them around the neighborhood. If you were home, you got a loaf. If you weren’t, sorry…better luck next year. 

I tried not to think about it and was just grateful for a little bit of quiet to sort stocking gifts or prep meal ingredients for the next two days. Not to mention all that excess energy being burned off as their dad had them on the hoof for a while. 

We don’t do that anymore and I miss it. I even wondered if we should try it again this year – not the kids delivering but just the two of us. Might be time for that tradition to have new life breathed into it since the cards are done and all…sigh…so thankful. 

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