Evidence of God in the every day Day 4

I was up bright and early. Well actually it was dark because as sad as it makes my, sunrise is later and later these days. I had to be on the road by 6:15 and am working the classroom here at the new Homeschool Academy. 

Unfortunately for these guys, I LOVED playing school as a child so I am thoroughly enjoying this. They are way more fun than a bunch of stuffed animals seated in chairs. Right now the fourth and second grader are reading and the almost five and three year old are playing legos under my feet. It is rather peaceful at the moment.

Which is a nice break because my drive up here was a bit precarious due to a heavy fog. It was mystical and ethereal and somewhat daunting at times but also such a treat to watch the sun rise burn it off. As this was happening on my right, I could see the remnants of the moon on my left. 


And I thanked God because He was basically doing a live documentary for today’s evidence. I think this year I have learned to appreciate even more the consistency of the flow of days as all the rest of the world seems rife with turmoil and unrest.

In the midst of all the uncertainty’s of life, the times and seasons continue without interruption. Even when we endure the darkest nights of worry, we all know at some point the dawn will come. The most scorching summers will eventually melt into the crisp autumn mornings

Yes, I speak of the Midwest and I know in other parts of the world the weather is not divided evenly into four distinct seasons, but those seasons flow one into the other for the people destined to inhabit that space. 

Days and nights, ebb and flow of the tides, seasons of the year go on and on as they have and will continue until the times of this earth as we know it have been finished. As surely as these have been rolled out through all of the history of this planet, a new day will come. 

As surely as I have counted on the rains to eventually stop, the snow to melt, the seeds planted to appear as flowers or food: He will make all things new. He brings order to our lives through the gift of time and seasons. 

Praise Him <3

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