February resolution report <3


Well, we just moved right on into March over the weekend and here I am needing to report on my “Goal of the Month” for February which was kind of lackluster effort on my part. 

This year, if anyone besides me remembers, I followed the advice of a friend who has her own counseling business..


Kaloupek Counseling LLC

and tweaked it a bit so that I could try some new good habits for a month. 

In January I tried my version of a capsule wardrobe and recorded my finds on this post:


This month my goal was to exercise five days a week. 

The plan was to do it first thing unless I had to be out of the house at a ridiculously impossible hour of the morning. On those few days, I would make it up while the little two were napping or when I got home. 

I failed miserably, but not completely. 

February started off with yet another virus hitting me hard which forced a delayed start to the plan. I even waffled in the second week, trying to figure out if I needed a different February goal. 

I even took my laptop with me when we went away for a few days near the end of the month, thinking I could at least salvage the last week. But the “free” WiFI where we were staying was trapped in some kind of internet snag and was down more than it was up. 

I did walk a lot during the month, either with Russ at an indoor facility or outside when the temperatures allowed it. 

I did exercise with weights and cardio in our basement more than I would have. 

But I definitely did not meet the “at least five days a week” goal. 

Here is what I learned:

<3 I don’t like to exercise. I have to do it because it is good for me and detach myself completely from the sense of liking it as being my motivation. 

<3 I do better if I set my socks and tennis shoes by the sink so that I see them when I brush my teeth first thing out of bed. My sleepy self forgets it is a choice and just goes on the motivation of my awake self the night before. 

<3 I found out that when I opt for a more challenging workout, it keeps my interest better. 

<3 That being said, I also tell myself I can do it for twenty minutes and if I want to quit…at least I exercised twenty minutes more than I would have. 

<3 I do feel better and am more productive when I exercise regularly, but I forget that good feeling so quickly so I have to self-talk about it when I am waking up in the morning. 

<3 I wish I was a person who did love to exercise and that I didn’t have to jump through hoops with myself to get me to do it. But for me exercise is a discipline and it most likely always will be and if I want to up my chances of remaining active and healthy in this “fourth quarter” I need to make the effort to get myself going and do it. 

So there is February, in the books. 

Looking back I would say I had a 50-50 success rate with the goal..and it was a short month so I have that going for me. 

Now to continue to build on that habit and look ahead to what I want to grow into in March…stay tuned. 

Sure would love to hear how your growing <3 

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