Five things for Friday <3

#1   Hey there…it’s been a week, hasn’t it?

Some stuff went down that has wrung me dry…some people hurting with a grief I can’t wrap my mind around.

People who love Jesus and have declared that He is always good are having to put that to the test.

And a whole lot of us are shaking our heads asking some hard questions.

But I have walked through enough of these seasons to be able to say…

He is..

He is always…

He is always good…

and kind and loving…

and He shows up in the darkest places and even though we might never ever understand on this side…

we can ask Him the hard questions and we can sit and wait in His Presence…

and no matter what…

whether He answers or whether He just holds us in the silence…

we still believe.

There is more than what we can see and so we follow.

We follow because He is faithful and so we will remain in Him.

#2  I used the time method on my to do list yesterday and I can’t express enough how much I love this system.

It works for my ADHD/procrastination tendencies like a charm.

So simple…make your To Do list of things you want to see completed by day’s end.

Set the timer for twenty minutes and work down the list…move on to the next item each time even if not completed.

Amazing how many items are actually completed IN that time frame.

The rest get marked off eventually.

It’s like a game that works.

#3 Hyper organized and efficient people are scratching their heads right now but my soul-people are excitedly grabbing a piece of notebook paper and a colored pen to start their list.

I see you and I love you <3

#4  Graham and Emmett are super into Lego’s. They were here on Tuesday and I got Uncle John’s collection of finished sets out for them to view.

I carefully pulled them out of the intricate packing from our move.


For over twenty years, I have kept his completed contraptions intact as if they were archives in a museum.

The boys were flabbergasted.

Their parents let them take them apart and reassemble them.


I set them all out on the dining room table, with constant reminders for them not to touch.

You would have thought they were the Crown Jewels of England.

They were highly impressed and apparently talked about them to their mom the whole way home.

She even let them FaceTime Uncle John so they could verbally express their deep appreciation for this collection.

He informed me that he has told them they can each pick one out and take it home.


Oh well…easy come, easy go…better notify Luke and Hans that part of the fleet will be moving north soon.

#5   That thing we call the Decatur Celebration is happening this weekend.

For introverts, this is one of the most stress-producing statements of the summer.

This year they have built a wall…seriously…built a wall around our little downtown and are charging admission to even enter the festivities.

Nellie is coming.

I can tell you that I know Nellie is not girl and he sings.

And that is the total summation of what I know about Nellie, except that my mom’s name was Nell and so when I hear someone say Nellie is coming I have a strong desire to tidy our house just a tad bit and straighten up my curved shoulders to avoid her fist pushed into the center of my back.

So all you extroverts…

go on down and have yourself some gator on a stick and a lemon shake up…

I will see you on Monday <3

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