Flashback Wednesday <3 May 23, 2013

Last Saturday evening, we watched our grandson while his parents attended his paternal grandma’s college graduation ceremony. The plan was for them to call us when it was over and we would meet on the north side of Decatur so they could head back home. We got him ready for bed and watched a movie until the call came.  It was well past his bedtime, so as we fastened him in his car seat I told him we loved him and we were taking him to mommy and daddy. I thought he would fall asleep before we left our neighborhood. Not so.

 Looking back at him about halfway to our meeting place, I could see his eyes intently looking out the window. As the lights of businesses and cars flashed by, I thought how trusting he was that we were taking him to his parents. He had no idea how long it would be before he saw them. He looked so somber, my heart kind of ached.

 I reached back between the seat and held out my hand. He looked me square in the eye and then pulled a little hand out from under the covering over his lap. He firmly grasped two of my fingers. It was all his little fist could hold on to, and hold on he did! The blocks slowly passed. My arm began to cramp. Then my fingers began to tingle like they were going to sleep. Although the discomfort was increasing, I had no thought to let go. In the low light of the car, his eyes held as fast to mine as his grip on my hand. I was the link to the promise of mommy and daddy being somewhere at the end of the journey.

 God stretched out His hand to us on Calvary. He sent His Son to save us and His Son has promised to take us home some day. The road can seem so long sometimes. I think of the people who are the Body of Christ to me here. They have reached out their hand so many times and let me hold on til it hurt. They pray for me, listen to me, cry with me, encourage me and all of this long after their level of personal comfort has become compromised. All of these are the tangible touch of Christ, reaching through eternity.

 But sometimes, there is no tangible hand. Sometimes, it is just the promise that we hold on to. At those times, believe and do not doubt. He is reaching His hand through eternity. Though you cannot see it, or touch it, do not give up. Fix your eyes on Him and grab whatever your fist can hold of Him. Hold on tight. You will not weary Him. He cannot go to sleep. Hold on fast, little child of God, He is faithful!

 Bless you wherever you are this week! Bless you in whatever you are walking through! Bless you whatever season you are passing through! Bless you in the great times and the not so great! Bless you!

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