Friday check in <3


I saw a funny post today. 

I guess they call it May because…

It May rain

It May snow

It May be 70 degrees

It May be 20 degrees.

So very true!

As I am making my way through the Old Testament, I started 1 and 2 Chronicles today. I enjoy the additional information provided as commentary in my Eugene Peterson study Bible. This morning the notes gave me the needed motivation to press in with the daily discipline. 

Every time I do the complete read through, I remember how much I love 1 and 2 Samuel and how much I don’t love 1 and 2 Kings. 

1 and 2 Kings is just one dismal story of evil king after another. There are a few bright spots, but even those seem to fall short somewhere along the way. Worse even are the fellows who manage to attempt to get the people of God back on track and yet somehow had zero influence on their sons who succeeded them. There is simply no consistent “and he did right in the eyes of the Lord” from one generation to the next and it can be disheartening. 

Since many of the accounts of these kings includes the promise (or warning) that the rest of their story is found in the Chronicles of the King, I tend to look at this next portion of Scripture with a bit of fear and dread. 

I am not completely sure the “Chronicles” are these two books in my Bible, but it is enough to give me sighs that I will have to revisit what I just finished plowing through.

So today as I read what Peterson has to say about these two books of Scripture, I got to refocus and appreciate God’s heart. 

In the introduction material, Peterson pointed out that this set of Scripture is thought to possibly be written by Ezra and focuses on the importance of worship to God’s people. It is not a rose-colored glasses review of the mess that characterized the kings after David, but rather a reminder of how we are a mess and it is in worship of the holiness and perfection of God, we are raised up above what we are as we acknowledge all that He is. 

He also points out that there will be a gazillion names to be read in these two books, but to recognize that individual names matter to God because individuals matter to God. 

What a word for us today as “groups” and “parties” and “agendas” and “causes” tend to capture our attention. 

I think God whispered to my heart through His word today to start recognizing myself and others around me as individuals.

One a time.

People created by Him with a name and a story that is unique to each one. 

Let’s live counter culture…while the world focuses on identifying and labeling by groups, let’s pray to see person by person with God’s eyes <3

Have a blessed weekend…you are loved.

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