Friday check in and I have missed you <3


We got a spring snow this morning and I may be grumbling a bit. Oh well. It won’t last long and when I looked up at the sky, it had deeper blue than a winter sky and puffy white clouds and we know this will melt quickly so on we go. 

This has been a busy week with things each morning and little time to post, but I had an eye opening conviction that jumped off the page of the Jude Study by Jackie Hill Perry that yes, I am finally getting around to finishing the last week of homework on…sigh…

I debated if it was for me or to share. But then I was doing something down in the basement where WBGL plays 24/7 and they were talking about same subject and I thought best to share as God seems to be on a theme with me.

On page 167 of the study, Jackie writes,

“Idolatry is so egregious because it’s the act of honoring (worshipping) what God has made and treating it like it is Him. The idol worshipper expects of the idol what only God can ultimately and eternally provide.”

Jude Contending for the Fatih in Today’s Culture, Jackie Hill Perry; Lifeway Press, 2019. Page 167

Okay – first lets address “egregious”…because I had no idea what it means. It means “outstandingly bad, shocking.” P. S. Please do not ask me how to pronounce it. I am quite certain it will never become a buzz word. Ever. 

 So let’s move along to the thought about idolatry. 

Here is my confession as I read this:

“I think of how scrolling social media and checking my phone to see if anyone has texted me is a form of idolatry. I am seeking fulfillment, comfort and identity that never satisfies. Food also is this way for me.

And yet, to push the plate away or to restrict phone usage simply leaves an empty place for another idol to come in. It is only in turning to God to fill the empty places with what only He can provide and being satisfied in the waiting on Him to fulfill, comfort and restore my identity – this is how I turn from idols.”

me…in the margins of the study book <3

It is not just turning from the thing that is an empty well, it is turning from that and to God. It is acknowledging I have a deep need for something and I am seeking for it to be filled in things that will never satisfy. 

It is not self will or discipline or mind over matter that topples the little gods I have set up, but realizing the need in me can only be met by the one who made me. 

So there is your thought for the day.

I hope you are well and growing and please know you are loved and prayed for as I hit “publish”



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