Friday randoms – it’s officially summer edition <3


These two yahoos had birthdays this past week.

They are now both double digits and the big one is having his last year before we have a “teen”…excuse me while I take a moment.

So in light of all that, I decided to end the week with some randoms:

Random #1


On Wednesday I posted about the books I read in May.

 I do have kind of a funny note on one I have been trying to finish for quite some time. 

If you have followed this for any length of time, you might remember I am working my way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy after reading The Hobbit a while back. Sarah loaned me her three of the series and I did finish the first and am working through the second. 

I love them, but my imagination is something that can be a bit of a snare to me and so I have to pace myself with well written fiction. My heart can get to racing and my mind dwells in the pages of the book long after I have set it down and moved into the reality of daily life. 

When the action in the story of the few and brave trying to do the right thing in this saga gets intense, I can only read a few pages and must take an emotional break.

Currently I had been reading about Gandalf and his small entourage of the good guys as they approached Isengard, the stronghold of the deceiver, Saruman, and his evil forces. 

I have gingerly read a page or two and set it aside until my heart could handle what would happen when they encountered this powerful enemy of good.

Lo and behold, it turns out things had taken a lovely twist in the right direction I discovered on my last reading. I had to laugh at how I was expecting the worst and got a pleasant surprise. 

I know there is vast trouble ahead before they get that ring returned, but most grateful for the reprieve.

Sigh…it’s not all fear and dread in this world, even though I lean towards those as the most likely to happen…help me Lord. 

Random #2


Recently someone posted a note on Facebook that if you smell cucumbers out in nature you should be very wary as this is the signature scent of copperheads.

Along with the post was a dual photo, one of a tree with rough bark and then a close up with three well camouflaged serpents highlighted in various places against the bark. 

My life changed and will never return to normal. 

Now when I walk around the block or along trails, I am scanning tree bark and trying not to hyperventilate at the fact that since I have no idea what cucumber smells like, I could well be inhaling the warning sign of lurking copperheads and be as clueless as Pinocchio embarking on the boat for donkey land. 

Random #3


Speaking of walking around the circle in our neighborhood, yesterday as I was driving home I saw a mom pushing a stroller with several stair step children on various scooters and walking alongside her. 

The company had stopped and were looking back behind them. 

I was afraid they had smelled cucumbers, but no. 

There on the sidewalk was a little tyke about two years old having a meltdown. 

She was crying and shaking her head no. It wasn’t looking good for the group that she would be joining them anytime soon.

To the mom’s credit she didn’t appear to be losing her cool, which was good because by now the sun was already well high and it was quite warm and humid. 

I don’t know how it worked out, but mercy. It takes a fair amount of flexibility and patience to do things with little ones. 

So for all who are in the trenches, good job!

Hang in there. It’s gone in a heartbeat.

Yeah, you will miss parts of these wonderful years but there a whole lot of loooonnnnnggggg days and we are rooting for you!

Random #4


I was talking to Sarah this morning and she was talking about the overuse of the term “journey” these days. It has become a buzzword in corporate talk and I agree. 

However, I claim the right to use it as when I started this, it wasn’t being overused and my sister-in-law gave me the name. 

It’s in my about me on the website, but if you have never looked for it or heard the story, here it is:

Why the name Journey Onward?

Several years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a book called Valley of Vision Prayers of the Puritans. It was leather with the name embossed in gold. Near the bottom was a subtitle “Journey Onward”.

I loved the book and the prayers so much that at Christmas I decided to purchase multiple copies for friends. When the books arrived, I was disappointed that their copies lacked the subtitle.

I mentioned this to my sister-in-law, she explained that when she ordered mine, they offered to inscribe my name on it. Rather than put “Laura Reimer”, she felt led to name me – Journey Onward.

Of all the names I would give myself, this would have been the last.


Habitually Late”

“Majors in the Minor”

“Likes to take Frequent Breaks”

“Drags her Feet”

“Lingers too Long at Rest Stops”

“Hates Change”

Sure, any of those.

But “Journey Onward”.

It became a challenge to me to live up to my name , and it became the vision for my book that I will someday write….I started seeing my life as a Journey.

Where I have been, where I am right now and where I am going is what I write about. God has been faithful in my past, He is faithful in my present and He is and always will be faithful in my future.

I have asked Him to show me HIMSELF in all the steps I take. He has answered and called me to share my journey with YOU.

Bless you. Bless me. As WE ……. Journey ONWARD <3

So there you have it. And I am not changing it <3

Random #5

Russ and I are on summer hours, which means we have to leave the house at 6:30 AM at the earliest and 10:00 AM at the latest two days a week. Monday is the only “free” day so it gets loaded with appointments. Wednesday mornings I volunteer and Fridays I work. Add to that assorted ball games and tournaments and some travel plans and I am realizing that I have to let go of a few expectations for myself. 

As I face a new evaluation of my time, and the things that are important to me, stopping by here each day IS important, but sometimes I have to move along with what absolutely has to be done. 

I still hope to keep up my regular posting this summer, but if I don’t show up now and then, you are not forgotten. It just happened that I ran out of time to get everything done. 

You can always scroll back into the archives and see if you missed anything. Or move along with your own day. 

Just know you are thought of and prayed for, whether there is a fresh post here or not. 

Blessings and have a great weekend


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