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Friday thoughts <3


Before I even jot down today’s little thought for you, I want to wish our Sarah a very happy birthday <3

I do not know where the years have gone, they have flown on wings to be sure. We miss being with our various people on their special days, don’t we? So hopes and prayers for all good things to come her way today as we celebrate long distance. 

Hmmm….no good way to jump from that little announcement to today’s thought so we will shift gears rapidly.

During our visits to St. Paul’s for the Lenten series, I picked up their version of Our Daily Bread type daily reading. It is called Portals to Prayer. 

I set it on my nightstand and have been enjoying a short reading at the end of the day. 

Yesterday’s writing was based on Titus 2: 11-12: 

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people, training us to renounce ungodliness, and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in the present age. 

The thing about ungodliness in our present age is that we can get lulled into observing such mammoth examples every single day in others, that we forget God is interested in doing things on a more focused and personal level in His children. 

The devotional writer defined “ungodliness” as living our lives without acknowledging God and pinpointed how easily this is done as we get caught up in the busy-ness of doing our daily business. 

Often in my sheltered and well-protected daily life, ungodliness can seem like something that is more of a problem for those clearly embracing sin or convinced there is no such thing as sin or who are deceived and deceiving others about sin.

Ungodliness is a term for those who mock God or disregard that He exists or those who are blatantly and outwardly opposed to any form of conforming to God’s word in Scripture. 

But the focus of this devotion was a revelation of simple ways I need to renounce ungodliness in my own life by:

<3 Taking time each day to think and pray for guidance 

<3 Trusting Jesus even when I hit a wall in the middle of the day

<3 Taking time to ask if my current efforts are in line with His will for me or motivated by my own selfish ways

As I read that list, I am convicted deeply.

Most days I do start with a quiet time that involves reading, study and prayer…but when I put the books back on the shelf and refill my coffee to head in and get ready for the activities of that day…I confess that I take over and either push forward or stall based on my own thoughts and preconceived plans. 

3:00 is usually when I hit my wall. Whatever I haven’t accomplished looms as an impossible to scale mountain and the stream of negativity is unleashed as I grouse, complain and berate myself.

And  yes…often this is the result of not checking in with God throughout the day nor making sure my choices were fueled by His will. 

And God calls THIS ‘ungodliness’

As we move from the season of Lent into the busy-ness of May and then summer activities, what a great reminder to continue to keep our eyes on Christ and His example all throughout each and every day. 

Simple prayers and dialogue with God as we move from morning to noon to evening will help to keep our hearts and minds aligned with Him. This discipline will do wonders to maintain that close relationship and fellowship gained for us by His sacrifice and resurrection. Living daily and hourly in His mercy and grace empowers us to be true sons and daughters. 

Our faith journey is a work in progress…step by step. 

So here is my takeaway – when I am confronted by glaring “ungodliness” in the world around me, I pray that will trigger in me a reminder of my own tendency to try and do life without God’s guidance and presence and will prompt me to pray for the ability to see and know the right choices for me.

I cannot do anything to change others, but I can open myself to be transformed and changed by the God who made me, knows me and loves me.

Be blessed today as you seek to draw nearer to Him <3

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