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Friday … yay <3


As we bid a fond farewell to August this weekend, I am sensing a change in the weather. Sometimes there is a bit of a nip in the morning and evening that stirs my heart to prepare for the change of season and I am fine with it.

I love all the seasons for what they bring but I do acknowledge there is an energizing element to autumn for me personally. It is only dimmed a bit out of empathy for a dear friend who does not love this time of year and so I hold that knowledge in a place of tenderness even as I embrace the cooler days and oranges and browns and reds of this time of year. 

I love the return to more of a routine to the days that comes with the end of summer and the taking in of the harvest in the weeks to come will be opening our vista again across the wide prairie that has become rather blocked by the corn fields that border all the roads we travel. 

It has been a busy two weeks here at our home as we launched into the school year and sports and added a few extra days of work plus, for me, processing and inventorying and all that is involved in this little clothing business adventure we started. 

That means some mornings my quiet time is rushed or non-existent and I can’t say I am very nice about giving it up. 

I do love my stack of devotions and reading and a non-rushed prayer time, but something is better than nothing and so I have to adjust and figure out ways to feed my spirit with God’s Word even on the hoof. 

But He meets me there, you know. Whatever I do to turn to Him, He is already in position, ready and waiting with words of wisdom, hope and encouragement. Even in the silence, He is there. 

Often I will pick up an old devotion or read a passage of Scripture that I have studied and marked up years ago and realize that my thinking and my heart have been shaped by those words. I may have forgotten I read them if you gave me a quiz, but they changed me and I am still living differently because of what God spoke to me through an author or through His authoring. 

Don’t live starved. Feed your soul and your spirit in Truth on a regular basis. 

Like a delectable meal…savor whatever morsels of His Word you take in throughout the day. 

If you have only a few minutes, take in something and then meditate on that tidbit as you do the tasks that must be done. 

Years later you will still be receiving life from those words <3

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