Happy Birth day to our country and our son <3


Happy Fourth of July or as we like to say it…Happy Birthday to our son John <3

He is celebrating at home in Texas this year, which with all that is going on for air travel this weekend we feel was a good decision. 

Russ and I have been acting like we are on vacation, just relaxing and doing things at an easy pace. It has been so nice and I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend. 

I know some of you have to work and we thank you for your service. Prayers for some down time at some point to have a burger and some watermelon with your people. 

It has always seemed to me that Independence Day festivities are the swan song of summer. Leading up to it we had hectic ball schedules that culminated the week after the fourth and then we were figuring out how to squeeze in a small getaway before soccer kicked in. 

So as I approached this weekend being gone from here for almost two weeks, I was feeling sad thinking summer had slipped away. 

But in a text thread with some friends, as we shared plans we all had for the weekend and how everyone’s flowers are holding up in the heat, one comment turned my whole perspective around. 

A simple entry from one friend said how she always feels like summer has officially started on the Fourth of July. 

One statement and my perspective shifted from downward to hopeful.

 A reminder that we have plenty of days left to swim and garden, to sit out on the patio in the morning and linger there after dinner. 

Walks and bike rides and ice cream runs await. 

Grilled chicken and corn on the cob and time with friends and family. 

It not only reminded me that we have some good weeks left to enjoy this season, but a positive comment can lift the spirits of others. 

There is so much negative thinking and talk around us, what a great inspiration to speak life to others. 

Enjoy whatever activities you have planned today and I hope the launch into a short week of work and such will be from a refreshed place for you. 

Blessings and I will check in with you tomorrow <3

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